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Want to use Pinterest for your business, but not sure if it's worth the effort, or if you're a good fit? Wondering how to get started? Looking for some Pinterest tips for success? Look no further!


  • What Is Pinterest?Pinterest is a social media platform that acts as a virtual pin board.
  • Is it Really a Good Platform for business? 70% of users say they visit the site to find items to purchase. Pinterest sends more traffic to websites than Yahoo! The average purchase generated by Pinterest is double theamount of those started on Facebook or Twitter - about $180. 80% of pins are repins (as opposed to about 5% or Tweets that areReTweets) can you say viral?!
  • Is Pinterest a Good Platform for MYBusiness?
  • Getting Started on PinterestVisit to set up your business account.Use keywords in your description.Hashtags are not functional here.Uploading a business profile photo isquick and easy, but choose wisely. Whilea logo may work for largecompanies, given the audience thatPinterest has, you may choosesomething a more personal.Make sure you verify your website afteryou set up your account.
  • Set up Some BoardsCreate a board by clicking on the"+" button next to your name.You might want to create onlysecret boards at first. You canmake them public when they areready for the world to see.
  • Start Pinning!Get the bookmarklet: your pin links to aproduct or service forsale, add a price to yourpin by simply including adollar sign and price inthe description.
  • Some Strategies for Success1. Make it easy forwebsite visitors to pinyour images with pluginsthat show either a floating"share" button, or onethat appears when avisitor hovers over animage.2. Make custompinnable images foryour blog posts. Includingthe content description inthe image itself improvesperformance.
  • Timing is (almost) Everything.3. The most popular times tobe on Pinterest(and, ostensibly, the besttimes to post) are earlymorning, late at night andSaturday mornings.But experiment youraudience could be different.4. Accept a few Group Boardinvitations and contribute!Try repinning from yourcompany boards.
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