Using Pinterest For Your Business

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  • Using Pinterest for your Business

  • If you have products or services, you definitely need the power of Pinterest to boost traffic and sales.

  • According to RJMetrics, the following are the most popular topics and categories on Pinterest:

    Home 17.2% Arts and Crafts 12.4% Style/Fashion 11.7% Food 10.5% Inspiration/Education 9.0% Holidays/Seasonal 3.9% Humor 2.1% Products 2.1% Travel 1.9% Kids 1.8%

  • source: fastcompany

    Here are some interesting stats from Fastcompany:

  • If you have a business that you'd like to showcase on Pinterest, here are several tips to help you get started:

  • (1) Create Original, Pinnable Content As per, more than 80% of pins are re-pins. Imagine pinning an interesting image and your followers re-pin it and their followers do the same - your single pin can go viral on Pinterest in a matter of weeks!

  • If you are uploading an image to pin from your own PC, here's what you should do: before uploading the image/photo, add your website's URL on it -- use Photoshop or MS paint after uploading, click the 'edit' button, type the URL of your site - this automatically becomes a clickable link after saving if you do not add a URL after pinning, it will redirect to a dead link (default)

  • (2) Pin Teasers and Tutorials People love to learn and Pinterest has been host to thousands of teasers and tutorials from various websites, blogs, and people who love to share.

  • (3) Include a Call to Action in the captions CTA or call to action increases engagement because it tells the person viewing your pin what to do next.

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  • (4) Categorize Your Boards It is essential to categorize boards when creating them. Other pinners will be able to see your pins as they appear in the feeds of your followers and in similar categories where your boards are connected to. Non-followers can also see your pins via the general category pins.

  • Pinterest Categories

  • (5) Pin Taller Images Infographics and tutorial pins are usually composed of instructions presented as images with little text. And these are great for pinning because they are taller than most images. If you love infographics, tutorials, and other types of product/service presentations that can be turned into imagery, utilize this tactic to get more likes and re-pins.

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  • To get you started with Pinterest for business,

    here's a free webinar you should check out!

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