Using compfight with google docs.

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  • 1.How to get pictures off the Internet... The ones you have permission to use. Using Creative Commons images from Compfight

2. Go to: Type in the search window. Click enter. 3. Youll see this. 1. Click Creative Commons 2. You may choose any of the images below the grey line. Above the line, you have to pay for! 3. So, click on a photo. 4. You will see this. Right-click (secondary click) on the picture. 5. You will see this. Choose - Copy Image URL. Then go to your Google doc. Choose Insert Image 6. You will see this. 1. Choose By URL 2. Paste the URL you copied into the window. 3. The image will appear. 4. Choose Select. 7. Attribution: Either add the attribution beside the picture or at the end of your doc or presentation, etc. Heres how. Type Image by: (hit enter) Paste the URL again under Image by. Go back to compfight. Click the image. You will see this. Here is the photographer. Type Pablo Flores beside Image by on your slide. 8. Image by: Pablo Flores You can make that Image Information a bit smaller! And thats it!