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Christoper Peters-Bond's presentation for 'The Secrets of Housing Intranet Success' seminar in London, August 2013 - an Interact event.



The Wall

Secrets of Housing Intranet Success

About Me

Chris Peters-BondInternal Communications OfficerGrp Gwalia Cyf

About Gwalia

Established in 1973, Gwalia today is the largest Housing Association in Wales

Across Wales Gwalia has: Around 5500 houses and flats for social rent Over 4000 student homes for rent Over 150 Care & Support projects providing around 1200 units of support

About Gwalia

Gwalia employs around 1500 staff

260 staff are based in the Swansea Head Office.

Around 100 other locations

About Gwalia

Gwalia is geographically diverse & has a wide service offering

- Social Housing for rent- Affordable homes for sale- Student Housing- Supported Housing- Social Care- Floating Support- Home Care- Residential, Extra Care & Nursing Care Homes

Operating in 16 of the 22 local authorities in WalesGwalia provides:


SharePoint is a great development platform, but it needs expensive customisation to make it work effectively

IT driven project & Out of the Box implementation

Homepage news? Email John in IT!

Lots of versions of the same documents

Lack of governance & ownership

Ineffective search & difficult to use

Disengaged users Trust in Intranet lost

Silo working

SharePoint was a place where people stored stuff. We wanted an intranet where people could do stuff.



Interact Intranet

April 2011 Interact chosen

Cheaper than getting SharePoint to do what we wanted

Internal Communications Officer recruited

12 weeks to deliver

Engage staff

Encourage a more open and transparentworking environment


Decided to not migrate existing content

Identify what we ACTUALLY need

No Department Pages

Card Sort with users to determine structure

Blog the project

Competition to name intranet

The Wall

News Articles

Decentralised team of content authors (Comms Champs) Content has ownership Keywords Recommended content Two way conversation Comment, Like and Share Mandatory Reads Targeted Information


The Wall


Senior Management & Project Teams Raise profile of individuals Humanising effect Raise awareness & understanding of projects Two way conversation Comment, Like and Share Less formal than a briefing

In 2011 there was 1 blogger*.In 2013 there are 33

The Wall

My Page

Contact Details at a glance Facebook style collaboration Tag people & content Reduce reliance on email Activity timeline Gamification Share Skills & Interests

The Wall

Workflow & Forms

Eliminate Paper Forms Save time and double handling data Reason to visit Intranet Workflow Reporting

The Wall

Discussion Forums

Easy to use Encourage debate Share Best Practice Practical work based discussions not just Classified Ads! Reinforces open and transparent working

The Wall


Share Best Practice

Research Materials

Sector Information

How To Guides

Anyone can publish

The Wall


Growing Organisation Consolidation of brands Promotion of Values Maintain Staff Engagement Revamp homepage Utilise Intranet Best Practice

* Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen was not involved with the redesign although we did pretend to be a bit like him when choosing wallpaper patterns

The Wall

Some Stats

Over 80% readership

3.19 pages on average per visit


18 new blogs entries

75 blog comments

12 new discussion threads

Policies most popular content area

News 2nd most popular content area

July 2013

Future Plans

Mobile working

Integration with HR Systems

Encourage further collaboration


Live Tour of The Wall


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