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Boost user adoption & make intranet management simpler with amazing new features. Interact Intranet version 5 intelligently connects you to relevant information and makes Intranet Managers lifes much easier. At Interact we believe content should find people and Interact Intranet version 5 is built upon this very principle. This significant update to Interact Intranet includes a number of intelligent and social collaboration features which will provide huge business benefits to your organisation.


  • 1. Interact IntranetSoftware Update WebinarHashtag: #iv5Follow the conversationScott HitchinsVP, Business DevelopmentInteract @intranetexperts
  • 2. How to ask questionsPlease ask questions using theQuestions.Interface in your GoToWebinartoolbar. @intranetexperts
  • 3. InteractIntranet:Version 5 @intranetexperts
  • 4. Whats new in Version 5? New ImprovedConcepts Intelligence Collaboration Store Interact Suggests Interact PersonalFeatures Page Signpost Widget Discussion Forums @intranetexperts
  • 5. Why do intranets need to be intelligent? @intranetexperts
  • 6. Key issues with modern intranets- Rapid growth through decentralised content management & increased collaboration- Finding relevant up-to-date content- Information can get lostTherefore its imperative that- Information is easy to find- Information is pushed to the relevant person Increasing the relevance of content saves time and improves the value and user experience. @intranetexperts
  • 7. Establishing trust- People have little time on their hands- The demand for accurate content is higher than ever- If the intranet is relevant they are more likely to come back Out of date, poor, or non-relevant content erodes trust @intranetexperts
  • 8. Email has eroded trust @intranetexperts
  • 9. How do people use intranets today? - A business need (i.e. process, policy doc) - A PULL process - To collaborate - Share ideas, discussions, best practice - Company news and announcements (PUSH) - Can be generic and non-relevant An intranet becomes more sticky with relevant content @intranetexperts
  • 10. Intelligence in the realworld @intranetexperts
  • 11. Intelligence in the realworld
  • 12. Information can get lost- Great search is perfect if you know what youre looking for- And this PULL facility is critical to any intranet- But what about other types of content: - Shared ideas, new products, best practice, new initiativesConnecting relevant content to people is critically important inencouraging collaboration and usage on your intranet. @intranetexperts
  • 13. ONE homepage will fail @intranetexperts
  • 14. @intranetexperts
  • 15. @intranetexperts
  • 16. Your Your Skills Searches Your TagsYour activity Your colleagueYour Favourites sYour Teams Your Job Interact Intelligence Store @intranetexperts
  • 17. The future of the intranet? intelligence @intranetexperts
  • 18. V5 Demonstration Interact Intranet @intranetexperts
  • 19. V5 Features Interact Interact SignpostPersonal Page Suggests Widget Share and Discussion Like Forums @intranetexperts
  • 20. Book your personal demonstration @intranetexperts
  • 21. Dates for your diaryInteract V5 In-Depth Webinar- 8th Feb 15:00 GMT- In-depth look at v5 highlighting business benefits and set-up (aimed for customers)Interaction 2012 London Intranet Conference- Late September- Announcing amazing speakers soon!- Poll.. @intranetexperts
  • 22. Your Questions @intranetexperts