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NO BORING CONTENT ALLOWED! Since designers and developers have been busy creating standards-based work, it’s understandable that they haven’t necessarily kept sharp on their written word. But are we so focused on conceiving, designing, developing, and marketing the most mind-blowing ideas that we’re apathetic to (correctly) adding a space between “log” and “in?” Steph Hay says, no way José! (The question is, do you? And who is José, anyway?) In this talk, she discusses ways in which web folks can write compelling, credible content that piques interest and encourages action from readers. Refreshees will leave with tips to elevate their content game -- whether they're aiming to more successfully write dynamic résumés and cover letters, describe their work in creative portfolios, or convey value to gain one more paying subscriber.

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2. YOURE KICK-ASS CONVEY TO READERS THAT 2 3. Client: ACME is the worlds largest manufacturer of ineectual weapons for coyotes. I made wireframes, created a new design, and integrated Drupal for content management.View the website >>Skills: Drupal, XHTML/CSS, javascript, Flash, Ruby on Rails, .NET, SharePoint, Google Analytics, Captcha 3 4. GRAPHIC DESIGNXHTML WORDPRESS BROWSER-COMPATIBLE AJAXFRONT-END DEVELOPMENTUSER EXPERIENCE DESIGN JQUERYCSS INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSJSSOME PHP EDUCATIONBANNER ADS 4 5. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN,I AM SUBMITTING MY... AS ADVERTISED ON......OVER 5 YEARS EXPERIENCEI HAVE DESIGNED 90 WEBSITES......TALENTED AND CREATIVE MORE DETAILS IN MY RESUME...HOPE TO HEAR BACK SOON THANK YOU. 5 6. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN,I AM SUBMITTING MY... AS ADVERTISED ON......OVER 5 YEARS EXPERIENCEI HAVE DESIGNED 90 WEBSITES......TALENTED AND CREATIVE MORE DETAILS IN MY RESUME...HOPE TO HEAR BACK SOON THANK YOU. ?6 7. 3 ELEMENTS OF COMPELLING CONTENT Focus Credibility Consistency7 8. MAKE NO MISTAKE... This is Hard 8 9. FOCUS IN WHICH AREAS CAN BE DEMONSTRATED ? 9 10. 3 CHARACTERISTICS OF FOCUS Audience Medium Network10 11. Copyright Lemuhr AUDIENCE11 12. Copyright Lemuhr MEDIUM12 13. Copyright Lemuhr NETWORK13 14. CREDIBILITY IN WHICH WAYS CAN BE CONVEYED?14 15. 4 CHARACTERISTICS OF CREDIBILITY Engagement Results Humility Intent 15 16. Copyright Lemuhr ENGAGEMENT DEMONSTRATE16 17. DEMONSTRATE ENGAGEMENTObjective: To earn a projectmanagement position with arevered rm in the DC area. 17 18. DEMONSTRATE ENGAGEMENTDont be a cog.Explain how you enthusiasticallymade great things happen. 18 19. DEMONSTRATE ENGAGEMENTIn 2008, I completed thedesign and development of a2nd generation, enterprise-levelRIA using object-oriented event-based AJAX techniquesand made heavy use of the JavaScript. I built the app onDojo framework (v.1.1.0).19 20. 20 21. Copyright Lemuhr RESULTS-ORIENTED KEEP STATEMENTS21 22. KEEPING STATEMENTS RESULTS-ORIENTED Participated in design discussions with clientsGenerated logo conceptsLearned WordPress to provide maintenance support 22 23. KEEPING STATEMENTS RESULTS-ORIENTED Dont just list what you did. Explain how you did it dierently or extraordinarily.23 24. KEEPING STATEMENTS RESULTS-ORIENTED Weeks ahead of schedule, I coded and delivered Section 508-Compliant HTML and CSS for the development teams seamless integration. 24 25. 25 26. OliveCrush knew just how to translate our text into a beautiful, artistic product, especially appealing to the age group we sought to target. 26 27. Copyright Lemuhr WITHOUT CONCEIT BE CONFIDENT 27 28. BEING CONFIDENT WITHOUT CONCEIT I can help you with your sr. web interface graphic designer (bethesda) Resume attached.Check out my captcha enabled, ajax/java interface and massive on-line database skills at ... Thanks 28 29. BEING CONFIDENT WITHOUT CONCEIT Dont rely fully on aesthetics. Complement portfolios by describing how you think. 29 30. BEING CONFIDENT WITHOUT CONCEIT I believe in clear and honest communication. You can count on me to listen to your business objectives, be available whenbe transparent about my process. you need to contact me, and to30 31. KEEPING STATEMENTS RESULTS-ORIENTED31 32. I wanted to mimic the displays of his many exhibitions - no distractions and minimal info. All forms of navigation remain hidden until requested, allowing the imagery to commandeer the screen.32 33. Copyright Lemuhr WITH INTENTION WRITE CONTENT33 34. WRITING CONTENT WITH INTENTION The webiste has greatly improved their web marketing and consiquently improved sales of their debut album... 34 35. WRITING CONTENT WITH INTENTION Dont be careless. Take the time to ensure your writing sings beautifully.35 36. WRITING CONTENT WITH INTENTION I have helped strengthen the PBS Parents brand through my design leadership. It is now a major funding and partnershipwon the 2006 and 2009 opportunity for PBS and hasParents Choice Gold Awards.36 37. 37 38. CONSISTENCY IN WHICH AREAS CANBEST BE ACHIEVED ? 38 39. 3 CHARACTERISTICS OF CONSISTENCY Structure Voice Style39 40. Copyright Lemuhr STRUCTURE40 41. + Promote experience over education+ Include only whats most relevant+ Scatter keywords throughout STRUCTURE 41 42. Copyright Lemuhr VOICE42 43. + Write in a genuine tone+ Avoid bloated technical statements+ Rewrite anything that sounds ridiculous when read out loudVOICE43 44. Copyright Lemuhr STYLE44 45. + To end (or not to end) bulletedlists with periods+ Stick with one tense (past)+ Website, website, or web site STYLE 45 46. 46 47. 3 ELEMENTS OF COMPELLING CONTENT Focus Credibility Consistency47 48. NOW GO Thanks a bunch for listening! +ROCK IT. 48