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2. Objectives What is SMS? SMS Facts Reference Questions Push Circulation Notices Send Catalog Records Promote Library Programming &Services Promotion Future of SMS Questions/Discussion 3. The Basics SMS - Short Message Service (i.e., text messaging) 160 character limit Shortcode Blast (one to many) Incoming/outgoing Smart phone Clever phone Google Texting Lingo 4. Whats your librarys policy?Uploaded to Flickr on November 8, 2007 by Travelin Librarian/ Uploaded to Flickr on November 29, 2006 by Michael Casey 5. The Facts 72% of U.S. adult cellphoneusers send and receive textmessages The U.S. mobile teen averageof 2,899 text-messages permonth compared to 191 calls Teen females, who send &receive an average of 4,050texts per month. Recent Pew Research CentersInternet and American LifeProject reports: 73% of U.S. adults text One in three texters wouldrather text than talk 6. Reference Questions Ask a Librarians SMS Twilio Google Voice 7. Create a simple ( & free) SMS Reference Service1. Set up a free Google Voice number.2. Promote number.3. Optional: use free GVMax service to send notifications via Instant Messaging, emails, Prowl & Howl notifications, Twitter, HttpPost, and SMS.4. Optional: use Twitter and so users can text your twitter name to 46800 and be connected to your phone. 8. Circulation NoticesExisting software that can helpa library send hold, overdue,and other circulation-basednotifications to users.Some examples: Mosio Shoutbomb Twilio ILS Vendors withfunctionality: Koha,Innovative, and Polaris. 9. Send CatalogRecords 10. Other Ideas for SMS in your library Blast Announcements! SMS Programming Ideas Trivia Night Polls Registration for Programs Open Communication Contests 11. Promoting SMS QR (Quick Response) Codes Email Website Word of Mouth 12. Pros and Cons of SMSPros: Low Cost Easy to Implement Immediately available Flexible Connects directly with users Statistics Platform ubiquitousCons: Leaves out non-SMS users Standard texting rates may apply 13. Future of SMSPaymentsGroup MessagingGeo-fencing marketingVoice (TTS, STT)App to Person MessagingPerson to App MessagingDirections/MapsSPAM/Malicious apps! Image from 14. Questions/DiscussionWhat are your plans for SMS? 15.