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<ol><li> 1. Lean UX </li><li> 2. All assumptions based on My humble experience Verified by this book: </li><li> 3. WHAT IS UX? </li><li> 4. The ISO denition a person's perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service (...) user experience includes all the users' emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviors and accomplishments that occur before, during and after use From ISO 9241-210!5 </li><li> 5. The web denition User experience is not an absolute size. The sum of the experiences the user have after interaction with the service over time. But the user experience starts before the actual visit to the site. It continues after the user has left the site. And affects largely into the user comes back "The Elements of User Experience by Jesse J. Garrett!6 </li><li> 6. What affect good user experienceUser NeedsCompany ResourcesBusiness Goals!7 </li><li> 7. WHAT MAKES IT LEAN? </li><li> 8. UX processes is always lean Act on the resultDo somethingTest it somewhere!9 </li><li> 9. UX processes is always lean LearnBuildMeasure !10 </li><li> 10. We act like water!11 </li><li> 11. We act like water!12 </li><li> 12. A typical work plan ID GD FE BE !13 </li><li> 13. LearnBuild UXMeasureThe big leap of faith ReviewImplement DevelopmentTest!14 </li><li> 14. How to do it Lean Start with Design thinking - and spread it all around the organization Add Agile software development Mix it up with Lean Startup methodology!15 </li><li> 15. Design thinking innovation powered by...direct observation of what people want and need in their lives and what they like or dislike about the way particular products are made, packaged, marketed, sold, and sup- ported...[Its] a discipline that uses the designers sensibility and methods to match peoples needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity. Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO!16 </li><li> 16. Agile principles for UX Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan !17 </li><li> 17. Principles from Lean Startup Remove waste from the UX process so we only create the design artifacts the project actually needs Harmonize the system and bring nondesigners into the process so we get transparent cross-functional collaboration Remove the need for a hero designer by iterating through experimentation !18 </li><li> 18. The result is a set of principles Responding to change over following a planContinuous DiscoverySmall, Dedicated, ColocatedGOOB: the new UserCentricityProgress = outcomes, not outputShared UnderstandingProblem-Focused teamsAnti-Pattern: Rockstars, gurus, and ninjasRemoving WasteExternalizing Your WorkSmall Batch SizeMaking over AnalysisLearning over growthGetting out of the Deliverables BusinessPermission to Fail!19 </li><li> 19. Another result ID GD FE BE !20 </li><li> 20. HOW IT IS DONE </li><li> 21. A drawing of a process Declare assumptionsFeedback and researchCreate an MVPRun an experiment!22 </li><li> 22. Declare assumptionsFeedback and researchCreate an MVPRun an experiment!24 </li><li> 23. Declare assumptions Find a common understanding Run a group exercise Use problem statements and focus on outcomes!25 </li><li> 24. [Our service/product] was designed to achieve [these goals]. We have observed that the product/ service isnt meeting [these goals], which is causing [this adverse effect] to our business. How might we improve [service/product] so that our customers are more successful based on [these measurable criteria]?!26 </li><li> 25. Effect map - strategy in 1-2-3 Measurement Item 1AimWhy are we going to do this?Who creates the desired effects?Target Group 1What do the target group want/value?Usage Goal 1How should the future product be shaped?Action 1Target Group 2Target Group 3Usage Goal 2Action 2Action 3Measurement Item 2Action 4Action 5Action 7Action ..Action ..!27 </li><li> 26. Declare assumptionsFeedback and researchCreate an MVPRun an experiment!28 </li><li> 27. Collaborative design Workshops for designing elements All team members must attend Everyone should sketch Preferably on paper, but do what suits you best !29 </li><li> 28. Menus Content Call to action Flow Optimization </li><li> 29. Build a styleguide </li><li> 30. Who do what? ID sketches on mobile and partially on desktop GD design desktop and create the style guide FE makes it responsive!32 </li><li> 31. Who do what? MobileTabletDesktopInteraction DesignXxxGraphic DesignxFront-endXX XX !33 </li><li> 32. Declare assumptionsFeedback and researchCreate an MVPRun an experiment!34 </li><li> 33. Always demo the MVP Feedback from team members Support from stakeholders Real knowledge from customers!35 </li><li> 34. Declare assumptionsFeedback and researchCreate an MVPRun an experiment!36 </li><li> 35. Observe and report It has to be done together Lead by the researcher Knowledge for everyone!!37 </li><li> 36. !38 </li><li> 37. Declare assumptionsFeedback and researchCreate an MVPRun an experiment!39 </li><li> 38. The overall workow I Ux DevelopmentSprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 Sprint XSprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 Sprint X Sprint ..!40 </li><li> 39. The overall workow II!41 </li><li> 40. WHY IT WONT WORK </li><li> 41. The big picture!43 </li><li> 42. Slide fra Gmail!44 </li><li> 43. Highest Paid Person's Opinion </li><li> 44. The anticipation for perfection </li><li> 45. ?</li></ol>