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In this presentation you learn about how to use social media to promote your business & products.


  • 1. Lets Be Social Come with me
  • 2. If you search in Google you so many social website to promote your business and products. Many people now using social media for knowledge share and to get their question & answer. People always use well known social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Goole+ etc. But there are many people who does not know how to use social media for better result.
  • 3. 1. Create your Google+ account 2. Upload your profile picture 3. Upload cover page photos ( Relevant to your products) 4. Fill your complete profile 5. Fill your tag line and your profile description 6. Update your location 7. Add your social links with Google+ 8. Create your custom URL 9. Post daily to get better result and Google authorship
  • 4. Now a day Facebook is strong social media platform to promote your products. There no single person who dont know about Facebook. 1. Create your Facebook Page 2. Create a custom Facebook page URL 3. Update your complete information about your website or products. And Insert your URL too. 4. Add contact us page application with page 5. After compete your profile invite your friends to like your page 6. Analyze to which audience you want to show your product. 7. Find at what time people using Facebook and do post according to it 8. More likes and share can helps to your products
  • 5. Twitter is best micro blogging website to promote your business and share your products 1. Create your Twitter account 2. Upload your profile picture 3. Upload your cover photo 4. Update your description (you can use # in your profile description) 5. Follow your friends and your business circle to share your knowledge 6. Share post in 100 character and use # in your keyword for better search in Twitter
  • 6. We all know about Youtube, its video website. But youtube can helps you in your business. 1. By your Gmail account you can connect with Youtube. 2. Create your channel 3. Create custom URL for your channel 4. Link with your Google+ profile to share your videos 5. Upload your products video with effective title, description & choose better keywords for better video search
  • 7. Linkedin is best business platform to promote your business. 1. Create your Linkedin account 2. Upload your profile picture 3. Update your business profile 4. Add your business location and contact detail 5. Create custom URL your Linkedin profile 6. Add website, blog 7. Link with Facebook & Twitter to share directly
  • 8. Pinterest is photo and image sharing website 1. Create your Pinterest account 2. Upload profile picture 3. Update your complete profile with your website 4. Create your product board 5. Pin your image or photo with description & website in relevant board 6. You can share products image directly from your website 7. You can share your pin in other social website like Facebook.
  • 9. Lets be Social
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