CeBIT Fujitsu Pressekonferenz 2010-03-01

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DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURES FOR YOUR SUCCESS CeBIT 2010 Fujitsu Press Conference March 01, 2010 Convention Center, Saal 1A Hannover


  • 1. DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURES FOR YOUR SUCCESS CeBIT 2010 Fujitsu Press Conference March 01, 2010 Convention Center, Saal 1A Hannover Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 2. Dr. Dr Joseph Reger & Bernd Wagner Fujitsu Technology Solutions 1 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 3. Driving technology and services innovations 2009 2009 Global Business Group operations Acquisition of all shares in JV Fujitsu united as Fujitsu under Richard Siemens Computers. Renamed Fujitsu Christou; new transnational model Technology Solutions 1999 Fujitsu Siemens Computers 2008 JV established Introduction Dynamic Infrastructures. 1997 Amdahl & DMR acquisitions 1991 2006 Nokia Data TDS becoming a acquisition Fujitsu company 1990 2002 2004 1990 ICL acquisition (80%) IT services businesses Joint Venture in Europe (ICL, DMR, Amdahl) Siemens Nixdorf integrated as Fujitsu Services 1979 2002 Fujitsu surpassed IBM Japan, Introduction of TRIOLE platform integration becoming the top computer deve- strategy f IT optimization t t for ti i ti loper in the Japanese market 1987 Augsburg, most modern IT factory in Europe, opened 1972 Start of co-development co development with Amdahl Corporation 1978 Cooperation with Siemens to market 1935 Fujitsu Limited esta- Fujitsu mainframes in Europe blished, Tokyo, Japan 1954 Japan's first automated electronic computer: the FACOM 100 2 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 4. Milestones since VISIT 2008 Near Future Continuous investment in growth, 50/50 share Technology/Services within next four years building of new datacenters (Augsburg first years, phase completed, Neuenstadt opening April 23) March 2010 CEBIT in Hanover First time as the new Fujitsu, presenting its global portfolio and representative customer scenarios at an international IT trade fair November 2009 First VISIT as Fujitsu and introduction of first I-a-a-S offering April 09 September 09 Development of a j p joint g global p portfolio together with other Fujitsu Group g j p companies such as Fujitsu Services and TDS April 01, 2009 Becoming truly g g y global, p I: Integration into Fujitsu Group , part g j p and transfer of the global product responsibility for servers and storage (incl. development) to Germany November 2008 Introduction of the Dynamic Infrastructures strategy at VISIT 2008 3 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 5. Investment in growth an example State-of-the- art data center in Neuenstadt International Tier III standard (n+1 level of redundancy) Investing >10 M 3,700 m2 of data center space (modular expandable) 10,000 m2 real estate Highlights Hi hli ht To be independently certified to the Uptime Institutes Outstanding value of 1.45 for power usage effectiveness Operations e pected for March 2010 Ope at o s expected o a c 0 0 Building of new data center in Augsburg Tier level III Size > 4,000m2 Planning reflects g Fujitsu technology framework including Fujitsu Green IT policies Latest quality standards ISO 9000, ISO 14000, Latest security standards Operations expected for 2011 4 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 6. Fujitsu at a glance Headquarters Tokyo, Japan President Michiyoshi Mazuka Established June 1935 Entities in 70 Countries around the world Net Sales US$ 47.8 billion, thereof > 80% IT Operating Income US$ 701 million Employees 186,000 worldwide R&D spend US$ 2.6 billion, 5.4% of net sales Patents 34,000 Note: Fujitsu Group consolidated figures for fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. US$1 = 98. WW employees as of June 2009 5 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 7. FUJITSU in Germany Customer FUJITSU Technology Solutions FUJITSU Services 6 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 8. Downside of Traditional Acquisition Model A8 Operational New tech- issues have IT nologies have Energy issues Continuous costs at tipping pp g time-to-market have d t h data changes h h have point at tipping point centers at IT resources tipping point at tipping point IT delivery model needs to be reinvented! 7 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 9. Folie 8 A8 headline is in 28pt font - too small Autor; 26.02.2010
  • 10. We address market challenges Business Services Application Services Dynamic Infrastructures Managed Managed Data Center Managed Office Service Infrastructure Desk Managed Maintenance Infrastructure Workplace Server as a Service Storage as a Service as a service as a Service Infrastructure Data Center Solutions Office Solutions Solutions Infrastructure Servers Storage Clients Products & Services Network Software 8 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 11. Latest innovations Client innovation: Storage innovation: The first real ETERNUS DX90 Zero Client and ETERNUS CS800 ETERNUS DX60 ETERNUS DX80/DX90 Server innovation: Services innovation: Latest PRIMERGY Cloud Services around innovation coming soon the world coming soon 9 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 12. Finance Sector Reinsurance IT challenges at an international reinsurance company Significant cost reduction within data center operations O ti i ti of service quality Optimization f i lit Implementing best practice market standards Focus on global sourcing model Mi ti f Migration from a FTE FTE-model t a SLA d l to SLA-model d l Fujitsu provides Managed Data Center Services for Munich Re 24/7 SLA based operating model (onsite and offshore) 21 S i Services, d fi d and specified b St d d O defined d ifi d by Standard Operation P ti Procedures e.g. d Server Services (Windows, Unix, Linux), Storage Services (SAN, NAS, Backup and Restore), Data Management S Services, Archiving SAP Operations Application Management Services Active Directory, Messaging 10 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 13. Global Automotive The challenge for the IT at AUDI AG Fast adaptation to changing business requirements R Regularly need t i l l l d to implement i t innovative t h l i ti technologies IT budget under pressure Maintaining a competitive edge N dt f Need to focus on core competencies t i Fujitsu provides SLA based managed storage environment for AUDI SAN-storage SAN i f t t SAN-infrastructure NAS-storage Backup Hierarchical storage management 11 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  • 14. Real Estate and Public Finance Challenges for IT at Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Contribution to strategic reorientation of pbb R d ti of IT costs Reduction f t Increased flexibility Increasing of availability Full-Scope Outsourcing Operation of Data D t centers t Servers Networks End-user computing Legend Service Desk S i D k Global Centre Gl b l C t Global Delivery Gl b l D li...