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TYPO3 presentation by Ben van 't Ende

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  • 1. TYPO3

2. 3. TYPO3 is not a planet in a galaxy far far away TYPO3 is not the 2 ndbest CMSon this planet ( Jrgen Egeling Chairman of the Board ) 4. TYPO3 The Enterprise CMS 5. ben van 't ende 6. Kasper Skrhj 7. The Enterprise CMS

  • TYPO3 is OpenSource, based on theGeneral Public License (GPL), which means: TYPO3 is completely free of any licensing fees

8. TYPO3 is the worlds most used CMS with:

  • an estimated 500,000 installations

9. 100,000 registered users worldwide (potential developers) 10. about 5000 developers, equal number of companies, powerbase Facts! 11. The Enterprise CMS Worldwide growth 2002 2004 2006 2009 ca. 2,000 4,000 200,000 over 500,000 12. The Enterprise CMS Biggest advantages

  • Free of licensing fees
  • No license fee for system/server/middleware

13. More budget for customization and support Flexibility

  • Unlimited extendability

14. Connection to existing IT infrastructure 15. Shorter development periods OpenSource

  • Safety (bugs are found/fixed much faster)

16. Usually a step ahead of proprietary systems 17. Enormous community of knowledge Independence

  • TYPO3 can never go out of business

18. Free choice of agency at any time 19. No mandatory recurring fees 20. The Enterprise CMS Core features

    • Stable, scalable and extendable CMS framework
  • 21. High innovation rate, demand driven development

22. Intranet/extranet capabilities 23. Multi-language support 24. Dynamic generation of graphical menus 25. Web-based image editing (cropping/scaling etc) 26. Unique templating systems like TemplaVoil 27. Rich Text Editor for easy WYSIWYG editing 28. Complete user permission management 29. Handy drag & drop features 30. The Enterprise CMS

    • Over 4,000 available extensions
  • 31. Frontend functionality like: dynamic news, advanced forms, galleries, blogging, comments etc.

32. Advanced multi-language and multi-site features 33. Enterprise Digital Asset Management for large amounts of files and documents 34. Workspaces Advanced Workflow 35. Abstraction layer to connect to other databases 36. ActiveDirectory connectivity 37. Fully static publishing for maximum performance and security 38. Lots of authenticationschemes and services: rsa auth, openId, SSO, ldap, imap Enterprise features 39. The Enterprise CMS Biggest Users 40. The Enterprise CMS What does the press say? iX (Heise Publishing): TYPO3 does not need to hide behind a professional CMS for several thousand or tens of thousands of Euros. All functions to create big dynamic websites are available; advanced functions are quickly integrated with little need for development expenditures, thanks to PHP. The extensive template-language is a relief for every web designer and html-developer, and every editor will happily work with the easy-to-use Front-end. 41. CONCEPT: 100.000 LICENSING: 200.000 CONCEPT: 100.000 DEVELOPMENT: 100.000 TCO: 400.000 CONCEPT: 100.000 LICENSING: 0 CONCEPT: 100.000 DEVELOPMENT: 150.000 TCO: 250.000 The Enterprise CMS Total Cost of Ownership Typical costs for a implementations of an enterprise class CMS TYPO3 CMS Proprietary CMS 42. T3*? 43. 44. Snowboard Toursports, fun and socializing 45. Developer Daysshare ideas, suggestions and/or code patches 46. THE Conferencelearn about new and innovative ideas around TYPO3 47. Dallas Conference connect with other developers from both North America and Europe 48. User eXperience Week improving TYPO3's usability 49. Summary Whathave you learned about TYPO3?

    • Stable, scalable and extendable CMS framework
  • 50. Powerbase of companies and community

51. TYPO3 can never go out of business 52. Our message: Inspiring people to share 53. Questions? 54. thank you! mail:[email_address] twitter:benvantende Ben van 't Ende google:benvantende 55.