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  • 1. St. Catherine of Siena By ELB, AMB, and ARF

2. Catherine of Siena http://www. crossroadsinitiative .com/ pics /Saint_Catherine_of_Siena_Doctor_of_the_Church.jpg 3. Important Dates in Her Life

  • Born on March 25th, 1347 in Siena, Italy
  • First vision of Christ was when she was 6 years old- in the year 1353
  • Died 1380 in Rome of a stroke
  • Canonized (became a saint) in 1461
  • Declared doctor of the church by Pope Paul VI in 1970

4. All of her names

  • St. Catherine of Siena
  • Caterina de Siena
  • Catherine Benincasa

5. Family

  • Was the 23rd of 25 children
  • Her mother was Lapa Piacenti- she was the daughter of a local poet
  • Her father was Giacomo de Benincasa- he was a wool dyer
  • They belonged to the lower-middle class

6. Map of Italy 7. Her writings

  • Wrote theDialogues
  • Was a book that contained her conversations with a soul and god
  • Was inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • She didnt physically write it, but she dictated it and it was taken down by her followers
  • She wrote many letters to important people such as kings and popes involved in the Great Western Schism

8. Her Accomplishments

  • Taught herself to read
  • Focused on bringing the pope back to Rome
  • Cared for the sick, did charity work, and was involved political events of her time
  • Learned how to write at the end of her life
  • WroteDialogues
  • She was a mediator (settled differences)

9. What Do We Learn About Medieval Women from Her?

  • We learn that women didnt have much say in anything high status.
  • It was hard for medieval women to make their own decisions and be independent
  • Catherine of Siena still managed to be successful and make people listen to her.

10. Her Obstacles

  • Lived through the Black Death, Famine, and Numerous Civil wars
  • Her parents tried to discourage her from becoming religious

http://images. google .com/ imgres ? imgurl =http://www. stcatherine Tiepolo .jpg& imgrefurl =http://www. stcatherine htm & usg =__VviT5xl__QwGrgA1jTZe9Zxlpys=&h=450&w=337& sz = 37&hl=en&start=1& tbnid =C78QNcg5IpbwJM:& tbnh =127& tbnw =95& prev =/images%3Fq%3Dst%2Bcatherine%2Bof%2Bsiena%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG 11. Our Reaction to Her

  • Our reaction to her is that she is very unique
  • She is unique because she did what most women of her class and time would not be able to accomplish

12. The Saint http://www. charlesrathert .com/ reflectionministries /images/Saint%20Catherine%20of%20Siena.JPG 13. Fun Facts!

  • She was buried in the Church of St. Maria Sopra Minerva
  • Patron Saint of Italy
  • Saw guardian angels starting when she was 6
  • She married Jesus in a vision
  • She was a virgin and swore not to marry

14. Thank You! We Hope You Enjoyed Our Presentation