Our Savior's Lutheran Church Weekly Announcements September 21, 2014

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OSLC Weekly Announcements


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2. Did you Know?OSLC Lunch Ministryoffers a free lunch everyFriday, from Labor Daythrough Memorial Day.We are looking for more people to helpcook and serve for this amazingMinistry.For more information or if you would like to volunteer to be on aTeam please talk to one of the Pastors or call Kelly Erdmann inthe Church Office 3. Our Saviors Lutheran ChurchFall/Winter Worship HoursBeginning September 6-7, 20145:00 pm Saturday8:30 am Traditional10:00 am Sunday School10:15 am - Worship 4. Reasons the Church OffersElectronic Giving: Convenient and automated Much-needed financial consistency forthe church.Anyone wanting to change to electronic givingplease speak to Polly in the bookkeeping office. 5. Meals on Wheels NeedsYOU!Help bring the gift of a balanced meal tosomeone in need.Call Pat Brogan at 362-2668OrDeb Jensen-DeHart at 362-3683at Meals on Wheelsto volunteer 6. Friendly Reminder: Aparent or guardianmust be present whenchildren are checkingin for Sunday School.Thank you for yourcooperation in thismatter. 7. Church OfficeHours8:30 am - 12:00 pm1:00 pm - 4:30 pm 8. Our Saviors Lutheran ChurchMosquito Net Fundraiser The next few weeks we will be collecting money to purchase mosquitonets. Our goal as a congregation is $1000, but we dont have to stop there. Every $10 raised a net can be purchased for a family in Africa to helpprevent malaria. Vacation Bible School has already raised $480. (That is 48 Nets) Place your donation in the designated container located in theCommons.OSLC lets do our part inhelping prevent Malaria 9. As of this morningOSLC has raisedenough money topurchase111100mosquito nets.Great Job OSLCKeep up the good work 10. Hands of Faithwill be here September 21st 28thLook for the sign-up sheet in theCommons and considervolunteering your time to helpthose in need. 11. First-ever OSLC Tailgate Party,Sept. 28, starting at 11:30 a.m.We'll tailgate in the parking lot, then watch thePackers/Bears game together. Please bring your favoritetailgate food to share. Prizes will be awarded for besttailgate food and for best-decorated tailgate. 12. In the Hospital?If you are hospitalized or know someone from church who ishospitalized and would like a visit, please call the churchoffice. Because of privacy laws, we dont always hear whenmembers of our church are hospitalized. 13. Sunday, October 5 at 4:00 pm at Leeson Parkbring your pet or a picture of them to be blessed andto celebrate all of Gods creatures together 14. Fall Harvest FestivalNovember 8, 2014Raffle tickets will be soldSeptember 20-21, 2014$1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 15. Items still needed forBaby Care and HealthCare Packages Socks or booties Mild or scent-free soap Sweaters Sweatshirts Wide-tooth combsItems can be placed in the bin in the Commons 16. Annual Mission SupportMeetingSunday, October 19th at9:30amWe will be voting on theSpending Forecast for 2015andbe presented with a proposal for asanctuary renovation. 17. CChhuurrcchh BBllooggssCCoommee aanndd rreeaadd tthhee ffaaiitthh ssttoorriieess ooff tthheeccoonnggrreeggaattiioonn aatt oouurr CChhuurrcchh BBllooggssoouurrssaavviioorrssbbeellooiitt..wwoorrddpprreessss..ccoommppaattoorreeffaaiitthhsstteeppss..bbllooggssppoott..ccoommsshhooeetthheerraann..bbllooggssppoott..ccoomm 18. SHEETS!SSeewwiinngg BBeeee iissllooookkiinngg ffoorr oolldd bbeeddsshheeeettss ffoorr tthheeiirrqquuiillttssAAnnyy ssiizzeess aannddppaatttteerrnnss wweellccoommeeIIff yyoouu hhaavvee aannyyqquueessttiioonnss,, pplleeaasseeccoonnttaacctt CCoorrrriinneeDDaavviissTThhaannkk yyoouu ffoorr yyoouurr ddoonnaattiioonnss 19. October 25th : Trivia Night at 6:30pmCome as a single player or put a team together.There will be snacks, silent auction and lots offunCosts $10 per person with proceeds goingto the youth gathering in Detroit 2015More details to come 20. SUMMER 2015!!!DETROIT= NATIONAL ELCA YOUTHGATHERINGJuly 14-20, 2015 35,000 ELCA youth gathering in one city worshipping together community service creating a stronger bond with their faithPARENTS AND YOUTH have to commit by December 1, 2014 with a $125commitment fee and committing to fundraisers throughout the year.For more information please contact Amy Smith 21. IInnkk CCaarrttrriiddggeeRReeccyycclliinnggGGoott eemmppttyy iinnkk ccaarrttrriiddggeess??DDoonntt tthhrrooww tthheemm aawwaayy!!BBrriinngg tthheemm iinn ttoo bbee rreeccyycclleedd ffoorr SSttaapplleessrreebbaatteess ttoowwaarrdd cchhuurrcchh ppaappeerr ppuurrcchhaasseess--SSeeee tthhee ccoonnttaaiinneerr iinn tthhee CCoommmmoonnss 22. Beginning September 10, 2014 and everyWednesday through October 22, 2014,Pastor Erik will be hosting anAdult Bible Study from 6pm-7pm.Animate: BibleAny questions contactPastor Erik or Kelly Erdmann 23. BBrreeaakkffaasstt BBiibbllee SSttuuddyyEvery Wednesdayat 6:45 amBeloit Family Restauranton Prairie AvenueJJooiinn uuss ffoorr eeggggss,, bbaaccoonn,, ppaannccaakkeess,,ccooffffeeee,, jjuuiiccee aanndd GGooddss WWoorrdd 24. MMEENNSS GGRROOUUPPMMeeeettss tthhee 11sstt aanndd 33rrddWWeeddnneessddaayy ooff tthheemmoonntthh aatt99 aa..mm.. iinn tthhee CCoommmmoonnssJJooiinn tthhee mmeenn ffoorr ccooffffeeee aanndd ccoonnvveerrssaattiioonn 25. GGrreeeettiinnggCCaarrddssBBuuyy yyoouurr GGrreeeettiinnggCCaarrddssrriigghhtt hheerree aatt OOSSLLCC!!33rrdd SSuunnddaayy ooff tthheemmoonntthhSold in the commonsbetween Worship services~~Courtesy of W/ELCA 26. PPRRAAYYEERR RROOOOMMVViissiitt tthheePPrraayyeerr RRoooomm--ffoorrccoonnttiinnuuiinnggpprraayyeerr ttiimmeeaanndd ssppiirriittuuaallrreenneewwaallRejoice in hope,be patient in suffering,persevere in prayer.Romans 12:12 27. FLOWER SponsorsHave a specialoccasion to honor orcommemorate?Sign up now inthe Commons $$4400 28. Radio SponsorHave a special occasion tohonor or commemorate?Consider sponsoring a radio broadcast$80 or$40 for a portionSign up sheet is in the Commons 29. FFLLOOWWEERRDDEELLIIVVEERRYYCaring Ministry is inneedof people to help withflower delivery to ourShut-In community.Contact Kelly orLeesa MacGowanif you are interested 30. MMaaggaazziinnee EExxcchhaannggeeParticipate in our MagazineExchange in the Commons.Please make sure they arerecent and churchappropriate.Lets go green 31. OOSLCMemberReminder :Please start getting into the habit of wearing yourName tags.If you do not have a name tag a sign up sheet is located onthe Name tag board and we will have oneprinted for you.Lets make it easier on Vicar Rebecca to get to know us,and maybe learn some new names ourselves. 32. Lutherans on the Move-2014This years trip (Oct. 6-11) will take us toLancaster, Pennsylvania.Learning the ways of the Amish & MennonitesKitchen Kettle VillageMusical Production of MosesGettysburg Museum and Visitors CenterIf you are interested in traveling with us,please complete a registration form found inthe commons, and return to Jean Lincoln.Any questions, please contact Jean Lincoln orMark Lindsey. Only a few seats left 33. Our Saviors Lutheran Church-BeloitHas a new Fan Page on FacebookLike UsInvite your friends to Like UsA great way to stay connected with churchactivities, fun facts, inspirational quotes andmuch more. 34. Look at all the ways you canFollow Us on the OSLCWebsite 35. CCoonnttaacctt TThhrriivveennttIf you are donating ttoo tthhee CChhuurrcchh tthhrroouugghh TThhrriivveennttCChhooiiccee,, aanndd yyoouu hhaavvee qquueessttiioonnss,, pplleeaassee ccaallllTThhrriivveenntt aatt 880000--TTHHRRIIVVEENNTT..WWee hhaavvee bbeeeenn ddiirreecctteedd ttoo sseenndd qquueessttiioonnss ttoo tthheeccoommppaannyy.. 36. Hospitality MinistryNeeds you!!!.Please consider signing up for Coffee HourSign up sheet is in the commonsSummer Hours9:00 to 10:30 37. OOnnlliinnee GGiivviinnggCheck out the online ggiivviinngg ooppttiioonn nnooww oonn tthheeOOSSLLCC CCoonnttaacctt UUss ppaaggeeJJuusstt cclliicckk DDoonnaattee ttoo mmaakkee aann iinnssttaanntt,, sseeccuurree ggiiffttCONTACT US


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