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  • TMG WebinarsFollower Acquisition on WeChat

  • Outline

    I. Getting your account ready

    II. Creating shareable content

    III. Viral marketing techniques

    IV. Promotion through paid channels

    V. Offline promotions

    VI. Examples

  • Presented by

    Co Founder & Global Head of Client Strategy

    TMG Worldwide

    Jeff Fish is the Co-Founder and Global Head of Client Strategy at The Momentum Group. Hehelps our customers launch successful China marketing campaigns leveraging WeChat. Jeffhas worked with a variety of organizations, from hospitality to financial services, and is afrequent speaker on the implications of content marketing at global scale. He has aseasoned background in social networking, content marketing, mobile strategy andemerging technology.

    Jeff Fish




    1 2 3

    Determine marketing goals

    Create an engaging microsite

    Create 2-3 seed posts



  • Create attractive content


    The most popular form ofmarketing is through Rich TextMessages

    The following formats can be sentout as a message broadcast: Audio,Image, Video, Rich Text MessageDigest

    Message tone is typically casualand uses a lot of images

    Striking visual or video content ismost effective

  • Offer WeChat exclusives

    Offer promotions exclusive to WeChat followers to increase your follower base

    Promotions that extend beyond a single user to family and friends increase sharing

    Keep promotions fresh

    Example: Grand Hyatt, New York offers a free suite upgrade to only its WeChat followers


  • Follower polls & surveys

    Learn more about your followers

    through the polling feature

    Create more engaging content based

    on actual user feedback

    Get feedback from your customers

    Send polls to all followers or just

    specific groups like

    women/men/specific location




  • Cross platform promotion


    Promote your WeChat account on Chinese social networking platforms such as Weibo, Q Zone or Renren

    Weibo is complementary to WeChat. Use it!

    Weibo for brand exposure and WeChat for 1:1 brand engagement

    Promote the activity without a direct QR code reference

  • Games & contests

    Incentivize more people to follow and share your brand by organizing group games with prizes

    Mass viral sharing is the key

    Example: Coach launched its own WeChat fashion promotion through a red envelope game in which users could send special offers to friends and family.


  • Incentivize sharing

    Encourage customers to share

    content from your account in their

    WeChat MOMENTS

    Create simple share and win contests

    Example: Offer a free meal or a

    discount on the bill if theyve shared

    a photo of theirs enjoying their stay

    at the hotel


  • Virtual loyalty cards


    Offer virtual loyalty cards using WeChat

    Owners of such loyalty cards can have their QR code scanned at the location for discounts or points collection.

  • Leverage partners/ franchises

    5 This works well for corporate brands

    with franchises all over the world.

    Any brand under the corporate umbrella can be promoted through WeChat accounts of franchises in the Mainland

  • QR code promotions


    Add WeChat QR code everywhere

    Publish QR code prominently on your website and other digital media

    Publish WeChat QR code on all collateral targeting Chinese audience

    Publish WeChat ID and Account Name on Weibo



  • Leveraging KOLs


    Recruit KOLs to post positive content about your brand helping you reach thousands if not millions of potential consumers

    Identifying the right KOLs

    Weibo KOL score

    Geographic Relevance

    Subject Matter Relevance

    Invite KOLs for product launches/a free hotel stay for coverage in blog

  • WeChat Advertising


    Banner Ads on WeChat

    One click to follow ads

    Picture driven

    Ads with coupons

    Promotional ads

    Advertising on WeChat Moments

    Target users according to their location, interest, age, gender, device and phone network.

    Better choice for well known brands with visually attractive products

    Minimal entry price: 200,000 RMB



  • QR codes on packaging


    Including the QR code on product packaging, brochures and any other printed collateral

    Example: The Met printed the WeChat accounts QR code on the maps it hands out to all visitors

    Incentivize scanning: Scanning a code could offer a discount or a coupon for this or other product.

  • Print campaigns

    Traditional newspapers, magazines

    and other print collateral are great

    options to place the QR code

    Combine the QR code placement

    with an offer or discount to

    encourage scanning

    QR codes are a very popular method

    of marketing on large scale print

    formats like posters and billboards


  • Offline events


    For hotels and destinations, welcoming the Chinese guest has to be an important part of their WeChat strategy. Programs such as Welcome Chinese which seamlessly integrate the cultural experience for the Chinese guest are an example.

    Hilton's Huanying is one such effort implemented at most global locations with a considerable number of Chinese visitors.


  • Qixi Festival Campaign1 Tiffany & Co, the worlds premier jewelers, developed a

    highly effective campaign for Qixi Festival, the Chinese

    Valentines Day. Through WeChat, followers had to

    share affectionate pictures showing their proof of

    love for a chance to win gifts.

    Tiffany & Co.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign

    Kate Spade took advantage of gamification via

    WeChat and launched a flying-lantern game that

    allowed followers to choose a lantern color, write

    wishes and greetings on it, and send it off into the sky.


    Kate Spade

  • Travel Season Campaign

    Players of the game have the chance of winning a free night by correctly answering questions related to three stories told in three different Chinese dialects (out of nine). Once all stories are 'decoded', players can enter into a lucky draw for the freebie. If players get stuck on one story, they can enlist their friends to help by utilizing the 'Moments' functionality of WeChat.



  • Shop and StayCampaign

    The Venetian offers exclusive offers to all WeChat

    Members. The QR code is displayed prominently on

    the offer page to encourage scanning and following

    the account.


    The Venetian

  • Cool Cups Social Contest

    To enter the contest Starbucks asked users to follow the

    Starbucks official account on WeChat and post a picture that

    contains the following elements: 3 people and 3 Frappuccino.

    Once done, they would have to fill in a simple contact form

    and submit it to enter the contest.



  • Online2OfflinePromotion

    Shanghai Wine Bistrot chain Burdigala experimented with online

    promotions to drive users in-store. In this campaign, followers

    were required to share the official account name card with their

    friends and if 5 of their friends followed the account, they would

    get a free bottle of wine in one of Burdigalas venues.




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