5 reasons to use Pinterest for business

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5 Reasons Pinterest is great for business. Statistics and ease of use. Follow Boxer Property on Pinterest and let's pin together! http://www.pinterest.com/BoxerProperty


  • 1. Reasons Why Your Business Should Use 5

2. 1. It has surpassed Twitter to be ranked as the third most popular social network used by adults in the U.S. 1.Facebook: 7 billion 2.Twitter: 182 million 3.Pinterest: 104 million 4.Linkedin: 86 million 3. 2. Less words, more images. 4. 3. Hashtags (#) and @ signs work here too! 5. 4. Its quick and easy to set up. *Creating and categorizing the different boards to post will take time. Takes 45 seconds to sign up 6. 5. The more you pin, the more followers will repin. The more content you share with the Pinterest community, the more they will share what you have shared Dont forget to like and share their pins too 7. Impressive stats Fastest growing website in history as of mid 2012 Only outranked by Facebook and professional networking site LinkedIn Users spend twice as much money when referred to Pinterest vs Facebook Generates more referral traffic than YouTube, Google and Linkedin combined