Pinterest for Business 101

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Pinterest for Business 101

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  • 1. Pinterest For BusinessNick Armstrong of WTF //

2. What are we covering?- Wait, what? I can get sued?(legal considerations)- What kinds of content youshould be sharing- How to build your Pinterestnetwork- Skeezy things to avoid- How to incorporate Pinterestinto your WordPress website- How to track ROI fromPinterest, specifically- How to build unique-to-Pinterest content so you don'tget sued 3. Businesses on Pinterest 4. The New Business Pages 5. You can embed boards now... 6. WHY?! 7. The Why...Just under 2.5M DAILY USERS (11M/mo)85% Female (US)Top Topics: Fashion, Health, Food, TravelEffortless Self-Identification w/ Brands 8. Before you get all Pinflustered:Embrace Hub and Spoke! 9. The Q - Can this convert?Abso-friggin-lutely16% went on to purchase something theyd Pinned 10. ROI Trackingfrom Pinterest... LinksGoogle Analytics...And a big DUH (Playboy) 11. Useful Things toPin - Be Unique!How-To VideosCouponsCharityTeam/CoworkersTangential partners 12. Finding FriendsDo searches on relevant keywordsPin stuff your audience wouldsearch forLike and comment on Pins you likeRepin stuff and follow relevantpinners 13. What are PinterestUsers Seeing?You want to be part of thisHalo Effect 14. Heres WhatNot To DoPin Only Your OwnStuffMake Everything SalesPitchyUse Cliche, Copyrighted,or Stock PhotosOr just... uh... this.Really want this? Its on Ebay 15. Too Good To BeTrue? 16. Pinterest For BusinessNick Armstrong of WTF //