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2014 HR Recruitment Trends

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2014 HR Recruitment Trends

Text of 2014 HR Recruitment Trends

  • 1. HR RECRUITMENT TRENDS 2014 By Mr.Srinivas HR Recruiter Chennai , India
  • 2. DO RECRUITER , Do Recruiter Job, Dont do Postman JobB
  • 3. Future recruitment Online
  • 4. Core competencies for a Recruiter Branding and Image building Sourcing and Expertise Ultization of market research tools Prioritization of jobs Technology Expertise Effective candidate sorting and screening Competitve intelligence and continous Improvement Great Recruiter Network
  • 5. Core competencies for a Recruiter Knowledge of stratergy and the industry Encouragement of Referrals and Global Search Retension expertise Providing advice to managers Techno saavy and Creative Branding Ambassador Business Acumen and Relationship Builder Best friends with PR and Finance
  • 6. Changing Talent Trends
  • 7. Future Recruitment top 4 models
  • 8. Why Social N/W Recruiting
  • 9. Why Mobile Recruiting
  • 10. Recruitment Metrics
  • 11. Recruitment & Staffing Metrics
  • 12. Fixing the Recruitment Process in a Dozen Easy steps Put common-sense restrictions on job requirements and Create Employer Branding Put a time limit on every job opening Challenge hiring managers to build their own talent pipelines Know the talent marketplace BEFORE running a job ad Once you run a job ad, carry the process through
  • 13. Fixing the Recruitment Process in a Dozen Easy steps Evolve Candidates Technically Evolve beyond keyword matching Nuke the interview script Put a human voice in your job ads Get to the salary issue fast Give a brother/sister time to consider Smart Comm is Mandatory.
  • 14. 25 Hottest Skill on Social N/Ws Mobile Development Cloud and Distributed Computing Social Media Marketing Perl / Python / Ruby Statistics and Data Mining User interface Design Digital and Online Marketing Recruiting Business developerment / Relationship Mgmt Data Engineering and Data Warehousing Web Programming Algorithm Design
  • 15. 25 Hottest Skill on Social N/Ws Software and Database management Computer Graphics and Animation C/C++ Middleware and Integration Software Java Development Software QA and User Testing PR Communications Software Engg Mgmt Information Security Strategic and Succession Planning Storage System and Mgmt
  • 16. Compensation For Recruiter Compensation : It is A Big Deal for ALL All over the world, Compensation can be the single cost to the Employer , its representing up to 70 % of annual operating Costs, In 2013 , 59 % of Employees indicated that compensation was very Important to their JOB SATISFACTION, All over World the Salary for the TA Executive is very low(40 %) when compared to other domain Professionals
  • 17. Recruitment and Ethical Values You can buy a mans time, you can buy a mans physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of skilled muscular motions per hour or day; but you cannot buy enthusiasm, you cannot buy initiative; you cannot buy loyalty; you cannot buy devotion of hearts, minds and souls. You have to earn these things. Mr. Clarence Francis Chairman- General foods
  • 18. Queries , reach me [email protected] Thanks to all Queries , reach me [email protected]

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