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RSI HR Executive Recruitment

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RSI Human Resources Executive Search Firm - Connecting growing, innovative organizations with the top 5% of human resources executive talent.

Text of RSI HR Executive Recruitment

  • 1. Overview I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. About Reaction Search What makes us Unique? Benefits of Working with RSI Our Search Process Our Team Our Specialty Prior Companies Served Atlanta Boston Charlotte Dallas Chicago Dallas Denver Houston Los Angeles Miami New Jersey New York Orlando Philadelphia Portland San Francisco San Ramon Seattle Tampa Washington D.C. Worldwide
  • 2. Who We Are Reaction Search International is a client centered organization that: values the satisfaction of our clients strives to deliver the top qualified candidates to fit the job, culture, and future goals of our clients understands the current professional trends and have an inside view of the job market possesses the competitive edge that will ensure a satisfied match with the client and candidate Our team works with our client from the early planning stages through the completion of each assignment. We identify, evaluate, and secure the most qualified people to fill key roles in the evolution of our client companies. Recruiting top talent is our business!
  • 3. How is RSI Unique? Our recruiters are industry insiders who recruit in industries where individual specialties can be applied to the market. The team at RSI stays ahead of industry trends with their inside market knowledge and global presence in the professional environment. Our 25 step search and selection process guarantees to produce your needs. With a national presence, RSI has a worldwide reputable influence and global knowledge of the executive recruiting process. Each team has expertise on a specific industry or vertical.
  • 4. How is RSI Unique? Reaction Search utilizes a unique private database with candidates that are not on the world wide web search engines. Reaction Search has top visibility on the web, which draws both candidates and clients from across the globe. Our private database is full of candidates who would not otherwise post their resume because of their high corporate standing. RSI DATABASE Hundreds of resumes added daily Over 20 different industries accounted for Average Candidate income is $80K+ WEBSITE Over 1 million visitors each month
  • 5. Benefits of working with RSI When A Need Arises We React! Successful companies consist of people who can: navigate the business landscape produce a string of victories establish real ambitious objectives achieve those objectives Finding and securing the person who can accomplish these things requires: a careful analysis of your needs, challenges, and plans that reach far beyond a job description partnering with an executive search firm that understands your business, and can help you locate and secure the people who will contribute to your enduring success. The team of Executive Recruiters here at Reaction Search International Executive Search Firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients every time. Our commitment to quality carries over to our candidates as well. When the business community hears the name Reaction Search International, they know they are dealing with a worldclass Executive Recruiting Service. Reaction Search guarantees our placements. If for ANY reason it does not work out, we will replace that candidate for no charge.
  • 6. Benefits of working with RSI RSI will save your company time and money by outsourcing your problems to a team of professionals. We offer customized hiring agenda, tailored to your plans and needs. Exclusivity gives you a total commitment by a Reaction Search Project Team. Effective coordination of an international network of recruiters. Weekly status reports the provide a clear picture for management.
  • 7. Benefits of working with RSI Reduce Hiring Risk Through Our Executive Search Hiring the wrong candidate can be a costly mistake. We help reduce the risk by: never just sending you a stack of resumes performing in-depth candidate reviews to evaluate the competency and quality of every candidate we recommend conducting extensive background and reference checks. Having the utmost confidence that the recruit that we send you is right for the job and would be a wonderful asset to your organization.
  • 8. Our Process 1. Need Analysis Determine the qualifications the client seeks. Understand the compensation package. Target companies and candidates. Obtain two resumes of successful hires. Know the responsibilities and expectations of the position. 2. Create Internal White Paper Have our client review, agree and sign off on Whitepaper. 3. Compensation If necessary, help you construct a compensation model. 4. Project Team Assemble a project team, and conduct a thorough team training. 5. Research Companies and Candidates Identify competing companies with viable candidates. Submit targeted companies to client.
  • 9. Our Process 6. In-Depth Candidate Reviews Develop voicemail and live presentations. Speak with potential candidates, asking behavioral questions to ensure the most elite applicants. 7. Conduct Face-to-Face Interviews 8. Candidate Write Up 9. Present Qualified Candidates 10. Arrange and Coordinate Interview 11. Prepare Candidate for First Interview 12. Prepare Client for First Interview 13. Debrief Candidates 14. Debrief Client
  • 10. Our Process 15. Arrange and Coordinate 2nd Interviews 16. Debrief Client & Candidate; Release Candidates 17. Conduct In-Depth Reference Checks 18. Negotiate Compensation 19. Background Checks 20. Verbal Offer 21. Consult Around Counter-offer Issue 22. Make Offer and Obtain Acceptance 23. Follow-up with Client and New Hire 24. Conduct a Conclusion Interview 25. Request a Reference Letter
  • 11. Our Specialty For more than a decade, the RSI HR Executive Search recruitment specialty team has provided its clients with superior human resources talent acquisitions. Our highly trained executive recruiters have real-world HR experience, making them the best-suited for conducting HR executive searches to enhance the staffing infrastructure in both private and public organizations. The HR executive search recruiter specialty teams provides recruiting services for clients in the Advertising, Biotechnology, Banking, Business Services, Construction, Consumer Products, Computer Software & Hardware, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Industrial, Information, Legal, Marketing, Technology, Manufacturing, Medical, Outsourcing, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunications industries.
  • 12. Our Team Project Manager Manages overall relationship with our clients and resolves concerns/problems. Is responsible for the overall project and client satisfaction. Regional Project Manager Supervises recruiting and sourcing efforts in specific regions. Qualifies candidates. May have contact with regional managers depending on size and scope of project. Recruiter/Project Coordinator Handles the day-to-day recruiting tasks. Identifies, recruits, screens, qualifies and presents candidates to regional project manager for review.
  • 13. Partial Client List
  • 14. Reaction Search International Headquarters at Bishop Ranch 5000 Executive Parkway Suite 450 San Ramon, CA 94583 925.275.0727

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