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Recruitment Trends 2015/16Steve Barnhurst: Broadbean

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For 2015 as a whole, GDP growth was 2.2%, down from 2.9% in 2014. Manufacturing and construction sectors falter as Brexit fears, market turmoil, China slowdown and falling oil price prompt cloud economic outlook2015/16 Steady but turbulentBrexit fearsChina slowdownleaving it among the strongest in the developed world.Oil price

2013 - Like a phoenix from the flames2014 - Generally very positive

Vacancies 15.49%

2015 v 2014

Economic recovery highlights struggle to fill vacancies

Bloomberg12:02am Companies struggle to find skilled workersEmployers say shortage of candidates highest in a decade

15.3%-1.1%2014 v 2013

2015 v 2014-2.4%ApplicationsApplicationsAPV APV-11.1%

Oil and Gas UK has estimated that 65,000 jobs have been lost during the current downturn in the industry.

Adverts Posted

APV:Jan 2015 = 20.97---------------------------------------Dec 2015 = 18.45

Despite all this

1731Dramatic change in APV (Applications Per Vacancy) 2014 v 2015




Best and worst cities to find a jobJanuary 2016213453451Worst cities to find a job2

Methodology for calculating jobseeker competition compares jobseeker count identified in the ONS Claimant Count released in November 2015, with monthly advertised vacancy numbers on in December 2015.

But what does the data show?Job Vacancies continued growthVacancies201515.5% increase in vacancy volumes from 2014201418.4% increase in vacancy volumes from 2013

But what does the data show?A even more challenging market to hire the best talent- 1.1% Applications-11.1% APV2015 v 201415.3% Applications-2.4% APV2014 v 2013

But what does the data show?Salary levels STILL not setting the world alight20153.06%20140.6%

104%Social Care64% Transport & Rail62% EDUCATION & TRAINING49%Building & Construction41%Retail

01Social Care104%02Transport & Rail64%03Logistics Dist Supply Chain62%04Building Construction49%05Retail41%AND IN 15TH PLACERECRUITMENT! +23%Digging beneath the headlinesTop performing sectors by job volumesCompared to 2014

-4% Insurance-7%Purchasing & Procurement-11%New Media & Internet-14%Automotive-17%Property and Housing

05Insurance-4%04Purchasing Procurement-7%03New MediaInternet-11%02Automotive-14%01Property and Housing-17%Digging beneath the headlinesWorst performing sectors by job volumesCompared to 2014

3414A very mixed pictureDigging beneath the headlinesPay performance still inconsistent


01SENIOR APPS19%02HEALTH &SAFETY15%03RETAIL13%04PROPERTY& HOUSING11.5%05PUBLIC SECTOR & GOVT11%Digging beneath the headlinesBest for pay growth


05NFP & CHARITIES-3%04SCIENCE & RESEARCH-7%03PHARMA-9%02SOCIAL CARE-11%01DEFENCE & MILITARY-15%Digging beneath the headlinesWorst for pay growth

Sector SpotlightRecruitment

Spotlight on RecruitmentIncrease in advertising volumes2015+23.09%

Spotlight on RecruitmentApplication up but APV downIn 2015 Applications are UP +9.5% But APV is DOWN -11.9%

Spotlight on recruitmentAdvertised wage levels didnt moveThere was NO CHANGE in the average salary paid to Recruiters, from 2014 to 2015

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