How you can use pinterest to promote your business

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A slideshow on how to take advantage of PINTEREST for your business


  • 1. How You Can Use Pinterest toPromote Your Business

2. PROMOTE YOUR BLOG If you have an image on your blog, itspinnable. For that reason alone, you shouldalways add an image on each of your blogposts along with a Pin it button under each. 3. INVOLVE YOUR CUSTOMERS Having Pinterest boards is a new way to engage yourcustomers online. Not only can they pin their favoriteimages to your boards, but they can comment on themand share them with their friends and followers. 4. INSPIRE YOUR CUSTOMERS Often people only see your products in one wayand for one purpose. Pinterest boards give youthe chance to inspire different ways to use yourproducts through visuals. 5. SHOW THAT YOURE A REAL PERSON Its always difficult to make a personal connection withpeople online vs. face-to-face. By including bothbusiness boards and personal boards in your Pinterestaccount, prospects and customers get to see some ofyour own interests. 6. ADD AFFILIATE LINKS You may not realize it, but you can also insert yourown affiliate links on your pins. Its a whole new wayof doing affiliate marketing. You can create boardsthat are just product oriented and earn cash whenpeople click those links and buy something. 7. For more information VISIT US