How can you use pinterest to promote your online store

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How can You use Pinterest to promote Your online store

Pinterest can be one of the best source to promote e-Commerce website. It has, many options that can be very helpful for online store for the promoting related products. Pinterest is good for companies with products that require visual marketing.

Step 1: Get Pinning

Step 1: Get PinningThe more pins and boards someone have, the more followers will be able to attract.

Step 1: Get PinningTry to pin original content that will get re-pinned repeatedly

Here are a few tips on how to make popular pins:

Monday is good for fitness, Tuesday for technology, Wednesday for quotes, Thursday for fashion, humor for Friday, travel on Saturday, and food or DIY crafting on Sunday

Step 1: Get PinningPost in the optimal time frames: between 2 pm to 4 pm, and between 8 pm and 1 am

Step 1: Get PinningSaturday is the overall most trafficked day

Make sure pins are in the right format for Pinterest, especially when viewed on mobile devices

Use a tool like Canva to optimize and customize pins

Step 1: Get PinningMake engaging descriptions with popular keywords

Use Google Adwords to find good keywords that are relevant to your business

The most repinned images usually have descriptions between 100-200 characters

Include prices,use warm, bright tones and keep your backgrounds clean and smooth

Step 1: Get PinningPopular images have multiple dominant colorsDont include faces

Step 1: Get PinningTry out some infographics and multi-image mosaics

Pin 10-30 times a day, and use Pinterests queuing function to spread them out

Diversify pins dont just pin own products

Make sure to pin other products and images that you think your fans will find inspiring or beautiful

Step 2: Make ConnectionMake sure Pinterest account is linked with other social media accounts

Step 2: Make ConnectionThis is a great way to get a good number of initial followers and increase the visibility of pins once get going

Someone should also embed Pin It and Follow buttons on website and blog

Some online store platforms have special add-ons for Pinterest

Step3: Engage Your AudienceAfter having a good collection of pins built up, start making presence known

Contribute to themed group boards that have some connection with brand

In that way someone can also create own group board, and invite existing followers to contribute

Step3: Engage Your AudienceTag followers, friends, partners and related businesses in pins

Step 3: Engage Your AudienceComment on and like followers pins to show them value their good taste

Re-pin other peoples posts when they have a relation to the image creating

This is also a great way to make friends and fans on the site.

Step 4: Promote Your SalePinterest has a special tool for searching for gifts within specific price ranges

To have products show up when users are looking for presents, make sure to include a price in descriptions

Step 4: Promote Your SaleRemember: dont only pin own products

Step 5: Launch a ContestConsider launching a contest to encourage your fans to spread the word about your business

For example, you can propose a photo challenge, asking followers to pin photos of products in use

Step 5: Launch a ContestUse imagination and try to come up with something original

Step 5: Launch a ContestPinterests users are drawn to the site because it inspires their creativity

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