How to Improve Your Self-Confidence?

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<ol><li> 1. How to Improve Your Self-Confidence? Are you afraid of communicating or addressing to a large number of people? Does your heart start beating faster and palms begin sweating when you are about to face an interview or give some presentation? If you feel scared of facing public always or during specific situations, then you may lacking self-confidence. Self-confidence, which gives you a boost and self-assurance to face any situation, person or circumstances is indeed a very essential trait of everyones personality. A high self-confidence helps us to tackle even a very tricky situation with a cool mind. It also helps in communicating well and with people and giving performance in front of a crowd. A lot of times, you may have observed that people with a low confidence, they have a maximum probability to suffer from a low self-esteem and depression. A low self-confidence brings number problems in the lives of people. Their behaviour, performance and public image, all get affected severely. Therefore, a large number of people search the answer to the question, how to how to improve your self-confidence. People with a lack of self-confidence display the following behaviour: 1. Altering behaviour depending upon people will think. There are many individual with a lack of self-confidence, who often alter their behaviour according to others opinions and thoughts. Their dressing sense, talking style, lifestyle and even the food they eat get influenced by others opinions. In a desire to please everyone, they couldnt follow their own hearts desire. </li><li> 2. 2. A lack of self-confidence generates a fear of failure and fear of the future in people. With a fear of rejection and failure, low confident people escape from making big decisions in their life and taking steps towards a new venture. 3. Every so often individuals with low self-confidence try to hide or protect their mistakes instead of confessing them. 4. Dismissing genuine compliments off handedly, often due to a self- sabotaging feedback loop that less confident people unknowingly create for themselves. Before finding out the ways to increase self-confidence, the assessment of how it manifests in our life and behaviour is important. Having done that, lets now discuss the ways to be more self-confident. 1. Comprehendyour strengths and weaknesses is essentialin building self-confidence, so that they can be managed properly. 2. Having control over your mind is the key to how to be more confident. People who keep a control over their thoughts and stop negative thoughts, achieveself-confidence. 3. Try The Trivedi Effect by Mahendra Trivedi and achieve a higher level of consciousness, improved self-confidence and an optimistic attitude in life. </li></ol>