Managing your Reputation in a Social World

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Steve Ballantyne's "Managing your reputation in a Social World" presentation from WEBCON Apartment Internet Marketing Conference


  • 1. Managing your Reputation in a Social World Prepared by: Steve Ballantyne, Director of Business Development at Neighbourhood Buzz Trusted by Canadas best property management companies. Copyright Neighbourhood Buzz Communications. 2012.

2. Thank you for coming!2 3. Ask Questions during the presentation.#WEBCON @nbrhoodbuzz is me! 3 4. Why this presentation is awesomeWhat makes an online reputationHow to improve your online reputationStep by step response to a PR crisisHow to get more positive reviewsHow to address negativityThe new buying processWhat the future holds 5. In the beginning5 6. @georgesbarber 6 7. @greedisgood 7 8. The shift in communication #scary8 9. Where we could be #hopeful 10. Is the world going social? 10 11. Is the world going social? 11 12. Is the world going social? 12 13. How People Share online13 14. Why should I be concerned with online reputation?Customers are onlineProspects are onlineCompetitors are onlinePeople pissed off at your company forno reason are onlineThe future is online14 15. How prospects look for apartments today15 16. Same same, but different One in two buyers are in some way influenced in their buying decisions by rating and review sites; brand integrity now resides in the public domain. Dennis Smillie Source: Statisfacts ( 17. What makes an online reputation? 17 18. What makes an online reputation? 19. 19 20. CBC Marketplace Blog 20 21. Facebook & Twitter 21 22. 22 23. What could have been done? Blog defense / fact posting / clarification Twitter conversation Facebook conversations Facebook Integrate into the PR process 23 24. What is24 25. What could be25 26. Step by step guide to a PR crisis in a social world 1. Admit the fault - dont try and hide it or justify it. 2. Apologize through channels that are relevant. 3. Indicate the plan - to do better/fix the issue - Includes timeline and milestones. 4. Exceed expectations - take the crisis as an opportunity to not just fix the problem but do much better. 5. Deliver on promises - Actually DO what you say youll do and OVER communicate through the process. 27. Where to begin? start listening27 28. Who are we listening for?Dissatisfied customersBrand de-vangelistsBrand champions & evangelists28 29. Dissatisfied Customers 29 30. 30 31. 31 32. Brand Evangelists32 33. How do we listen online?Free: Google alerts, Hyper alertsLow cost: Hootsuite, Neighbourhood BuzzEnterprise: Radian633 34. Google Alerts34 35. Hootsuite35 36. Neighbourhood Buzz Listen Tool 36 37. Radian 6 37 38. How do I improve my online reputation? 39. How do we influence review sites?39 40. Can I pull a review down?Google Places Flag as inappropriate Google will reviewYelp if it violates terms for service or content indicate no under helpful, will investigateBedbug registry contact site, will mark as disputed Author can always take down their review. Try reaching out tothem directly.41 41. Can I respond to a review?YesGoogle Places Business Owner ResponseYelp Publicly & privatelyBedbug registry contact site only42 42. How do I influence search? produce your own unique contentProduce your own unique content 43. How do I influence social? engage! 44. How to address negativity1. Say thank you2. Address the complaint3. Inform on action you/they should take4. Promise a brighter futureAlways be polite!45 45. 46 46. See the magic in action47 47. How do you get more positive reviews? ask! 48. Trip Advisor 49 49. The integration continues 50 50. What could be!Listen to all online chatter about yourbrandInfluence to create the web presence youwantPositive testimonials around the webMaintain a watchful eye51 51. BenefitsMore business, more easily. Prospects are soldbefore they meet you, because they alreadytrust youEarly warning system regarding brand orproduct issuesFind brand champions and reward to pro-actively influence conversation52 52. Where are we going? More American Style review sites ie: More chatter across the social web Mobile & Twitter increasing speed More power to the people53 53. The new buying process 54. Get Started Today!Come by our booth to get a freesnapshot of your buildings reputationand online visibilityClick HERE for a free online reputation snapshot 55. Thank You!steve@neighbourhoodbuzz.com56


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