WEBCON Vancouver - Managing Your Reputation In A Social World

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This presentation by Steve Ballantyne from Neighbourhood Buzz was presented at Landlord WEBCON in Vancouver on February 29, 2012.


  • 1. Building Social CommunitiesManaging your Reputation in a Social Media World Prepared by: Steve Ballantyne, Director of Business Development at Neighbourhood Buzz Trusted by Canadas best property management companies. Copyright Neighbourhood Buzz Communications. 2012.

2. Thank you for coming!2 3. Ask Questions during the presentation. #WEBCONVAN @nbrhoodbuzz is me! 3 4. In the beginning4 5. @georgesbarber?5 6. @greedisgood 6 7. Where we could be #hopeful 7 8. Is the world going social? 8 9. Is the world going social? 9 10. Is the world going social? 10 11. How People Share online11 12. Why should I go social?Customers are onlineProspects are onlineCompetitors are onlinePeople pissed off at your company forno reason are onlineThe future is online12 13. What makes an online reputation? 13 14. 14 15. CBC Marketplace Blog 15 16. Facebook & Twitter 16 17. 17 18. What could have been done?Blog responseTwitter conversationFacebook conversationsFacebook defense / fact posting /clarificationIntegrate into the PR process18 19. What is19 20. What could be20 21. How its done1. Admit the fault - dont try and hide it or justify it.2. Apologize - should come from the top of theorganization.3. Indicate the plan to do better/fix the issue -Includes timeline and milestones.4. Exceed expectations - take the crisis as anopportunity to not just fix the problem but do muchbetter.5. Deliver on expectations - Actually DO what yousay youll do and OVER communicate through theprocess. 22. Who are we looking for?Dissatisfied customersBrand de-vangelistsBrand champions & evangelists22 23. Dissatisfied Customers 23 24. 24 25. 25 26. Brand Evangelists26 27. How do we begin managing our reputation?Free: Google alerts, Hyper alertsSmall Business: HootsuiteEnterprise: Radian627 28. Google Alerts28 29. Hootsuite29 30. Radian 6 30 31. How to address negativity1. Say thank you2. Address the complaint3. Inform on action you/they should take4. Promise a brighter futureAlways be polite!31 32. See the magic in action32 33. How do we handle review sites? 33 34. Trip Advisor 34 35. The integration continues 35 36. What could be!Keep a finger on all online chatter aboutyour brandCreate positive social media presencePositive testimonials around the webMaintain a watchful eyeManaging your brand, is your companylogo being misused?36 37. Benefits Increase perception of fair-dealing byimmediately addressing questions andcorrecting misinformation in a public forum Early warning system regarding brand orproduct issues Find brand champions and reward to pro-actively influence conversation 37 38. Where are we going? More American Style review sites ie:www.apartmentratings.com More chatter across the social web Mobile & Twitter increasing speed More power to the people 38 39. Thank You!steve@neighbourhoodbuzz.com39 40. A complete communication package that allowsproperty managers to easily and effectivelyCutting edge tools communicate with their residents and developWithout the big price tagtheir community PrintFacebookMobile Email Monthly hi-glossCreation of customProvide importantGo digital andnewsletter, createdresident Facebook and timelyprovide an email specially for yourpage plus daily messages to your version of the printresidents monitoring and residents using SMSnewsletter All for FREE!* managementtext messaging All for FREE!*While we would love to offer all of this completely free, a small delivery fee may apply. 40 Copyright Neighbourhood Buzz Communications. 2011.


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