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What inspires me? (planners' view)

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Top Polish planners answer what inspires them in their everyday work. Little spoiler - inspiration is everywhere. All the answers from the website - project dedicated to strategy planning run by Paweł Loedl, VML Poland and Bartosz Piński, Wunderman Poland.

Text of What inspires me? (planners' view)

  • WHAT INSPIRES ME Planners view
  • WHAT INSPIRES ME? Inspiration cannot be dened or described in most of cases. However, we asked some planners working in leading Polish agencies to explain how they work. Their answers could be a guidance to know where inspiration grow.
  • Street, Internet, Fakt (Polish tabloid), The Economist, Scientic Databases (EBSCO, ProQuest) MARCIN EJSMONT (GREY)
  • I think it depends on situation and context. I just try to have my eyes wide open and observe the reality. However I would recommend to search the solution for most dicult things in simple thinking. In a long strategic projects, where there are multiple phases its very easy to lose yourself. Therefore, I recommend common sense as an inspiration. TOMASZ BARTNIK (ONE11)
  • Everywhere I can. From everyday press, gossip sites, observing people during shopping to blogs, case studies, books. And last, but not least, interviews with normal people who buy our products. ANNA ROMAN (HAVAS)
  • First of all I try to understand the peoples perspective. The ones we want to convince to do something. And inspiration can be everywhere - research, reportage, some quote from discussion board or photo. BARTEK HANUS (LOWE WARSAW)
  • Its fascinating (I know how it sounds) to observe and to eavesdrop people in supermarkets, shopping malls, public transport. Chats in the queue or by shopping shelfs are denitely more valuable sources of knowledge than piles of researches. GRZEGORZ BEREZOWSKI (NAPOLEON)
  • Everything. I click on everything, read discussion boards, watch, watch, watch. I make a lot of cross-references - search Google, expanding the scheme. I meditate which speeds up the process a lot. I got my eyes open and try not to miss anything. And classical techniques - metaphors, analogies, mind maps, negations, displacement - changing the surrounding and context. I change keyboard for notepad and pen, then pen to crayons. Changing a tool change way of thinking. JACEK STUDZISKI (WELL)
  • I look for it everywhere. In the places I can nd some clues. At the bus stop, in overheard phone call. At the cafe, in the two friends chat, even in mimics and gestures during conversation. And of course on Facebook - its a mine of thoughts and opinions. Of course, reports and researches are valuable sources of knowledge. However, its good to leave your desk for a while and have a 5 minute talk with consumer or seller. I must admit its hard considering your workday duties, but can be very helpful. ANNA KOSTRO (VML POLAND)
  • Its a cliche - it is everywhere. In traveling, music, literature, movies, museums, garden work, meetings with friends, discussions, conicts, conferences, concerts, shopping malls, forests, beaches and long closed drawers. My motto is inspiration comes from the outside. That rule never let me down. On the other side, I dont believe in tools because every problem is unique and new. When someone ask me about tools I always answer: notepad and pencil. MAREK STANISZEWSKI (HAVAS)
  • I think that there is no such a thing as inspiration. But there is an ability to see the motivations of someones behavior and understand what we are looking at. Normally, it requires a lot of intelligence. It took some time until I got it. KRZYSZTOF DWORZYSKI (SAATCHI&SAATCHI)
  • In people. In technology. In Biedronka. Everywhere you can. WOJTEK WALCZAK & RADEK KACZMAREK (MELTING POT)
  • WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Pawe Loedl @ploedl Bartosz Piski @bartoszpinski PL2BP

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