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WHAT INSPIRES ME? By: Shoumeda Flerigene Wake up Wake up Video

What inspires me

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1. WHAT INSPIRES ME?By: Shoumeda Flerigene 2. WAKING UP IN THE MORNING When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is pray because I am happy to have been sustained through the night. 3. If I didnt get a chance to wake up in the morning I would not be able to ask my self, What am I excited about today?. 4. Once I have done asked myself What am I excited about today I wake up shower and go to school. 5. When I get to school I use the same question what am I excited about today to keep me going through the day. 6. Waking up in the morning inspires me because every time I wake up Im so grateful that I get the privilege to wake up that I feel I cant go through the day without doing anything useful. When I wake up I always think What am I excited about today and that is my booster to wake up and go to school. Throughout the day I think about being awaken every morning and that means I have great things to achieve because everyday is a blessing. Mawis brother achieved great things and when he died people remembered him, but he didnt die in vain because everyday he woke up he made it a great day for himself and others around him.