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Tips for Creating the Perfect Infographic [Infographic]

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  • Tips to Creating andMarketing The

    Perfect Infographic

    Creating YourInfographic

    Analyze Published Infographics

    Establish a Purpose for Your Infographic

    Use Correct Data

    Apply the K.I.S.S. Principle - KeepIt Simple Son

    Create a Theme

    Beware of Size and Weight

    Make Your Infographic Shareable

    Include Focused Data

    Create Your Infographic for Content

    Infographics Should Be Self-Explanatory

    Submit Your Infographicto Directories

    Submit Your Infographicto Reddit

    Submit Infographic PressReleases to Blogs

    Submit SEO Optimized PressReleases

    Share Your Infographic atRegular Intervals

    Target Influential People

    Create a Video Version onYoutube

    Submit Your Infographic tothe Pinterest Community

    Provide Social SharingTools


    Learning what a great infographiclooks like before you attempt tocreate one will definitely help youhit the ground running with yourown campaign.

    Do you want people to laugh or beinspired by the content? In the end,

    you want your core audienceto be educated.

    Your design should be kept as simpleas possible. If your customers arestruggling to decipher its meaning,

    then it will be discarded.

    Effective infographics should beJPEG formatted. The size of yourinfographic should not exceed awidth of 735 pixels and length

    of 5000 pixels.

    Your reader will decide withinseconds if your infographic is worth

    viewing. Interesting facts andpictures will encourage your readerto continue reading and possibly

    share your page.

    An effective infographic is like agood story. Stories are not just acollection of unrelated words. Thewords in a story are part of a largertheme. The same should be true ofyour infographic.

    Post your infographic on platformsthat encourage sharing. If youshare it on Facebook and Twitter,create a catchy headlineand image.

    Aside from your company's logo andURL, you should refrain from puttinginformation about your companyon your it. If you create one thatinspires people to want to learnmore about your company, theywill do so.will do so.

    If your company's infographic requires atraditional key on the side in order forviewers to understand it, then it needsto be simplified. The pictures and datashould be simple enough to tell a story.

    You can create the funniest andmost inspiring infographics on theinternet. If the data is incorrect ornot useful, then your project will notmake an impact.












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    How To Market Your InfographicOnce It's Completed