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Drink 400-600 ml of fluid 2 hours before exercise to ensure you are well hydrated. Continue to replace lost fluids by drinking regularly. Electrolytes help replace sodium lost through sweating. Have a routine for hydrating during training (Everyone has there own) but to give a n example drink 150 to 250 mls every 15-20 mins. It's important to continue to hydrate after exercise. This aides recovery and will replenish any fluids lost after training. (Everyone has there own) but to give an example drink 150 to 250 mls every 15-20 mins. RE-HYDRATE RE-HYDRATE PRE-HYDRATE PRE-HYDRATE 15-20 MINUTES 15-20 MINUTES 400 600 ml to 400 600 ml to CONTINUE TO HYDRATE CONTINUE TO HYDRATE Na Na If you are dehydrated by just 2% of your body weight it will have a significant affect on your performance. Make sure you hydrate well to perform well. DEHYDRATION DEHYDRATION 2% 2% HYDRATION HYDRATION THE IMPORTANCE OF THE IMPORTANCE OF 11 SODIUM 11 SODIUM

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  1. 1. Drink400-600mloffluid2hours beforeexercisetoensureyouarewell hydrated. Continuetoreplacelostfluidsbydrinkingregularly. Electrolyteshelpreplacesodiumlostthroughsweating. Havearoutineforhydratingduringtraining (Everyonehasthereown)buttogivea nexample drink150to250mlsevery15-20mins. It'simportanttocontinuetohydrateafter exercise.Thisaidesrecoveryandwillreplenish anyfluidslostaftertraining.(Everyonehasthere own)buttogiveanexampledrink 150to250mlsevery15-20mins. RE-HYDRATERE-HYDRATE PRE-HYDRATEPRE-HYDRATE 15-20MINUTES 15-20MINUTES 400 600ml to400 600ml to CONTINUETOHYDRATECONTINUETOHYDRATE NaNa Ifyouaredehydratedbyjust2%ofyourbody weightitwillhaveasignificantaffectonyour performance.Makesureyouhydratewellto performwell. DEHYDRATIONDEHYDRATION 2%2% HYDRATIONHYDRATION THEIMPORTANCEOFTHEIMPORTANCEOF 11 SODIUM 11 SODIUM