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Business Travel Tips for 2015 Infographic

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  • Essential Guide forBUSINESS TRAVELLERS

    in 2015


    Use a travel management company

    It can save time and money for you and your company, while helping to plan a productive and ecient trip. Youll skip hours of browsing

    the web trying to nd OK deals.


    Our StatesManager travel portal contains all the tools you need to make your business travel successful. Combine that with your own world-class, 24 hour support team and guaranteed lowest fares and business travel is no longer the headache youre used to.

    Stash some healthy treats in your carry-on, like dried fruit or granola bars.

    Anything high in bre is good.

    Try to avoid the over-priced, salty snacks provided by most airlines which

    can leave you feeling dehydrated and uncomfortable.

    Carb-lled dinners, on the other hand, are

    great for settling you down for a

    long sleep.

    Breakfasts with high levels of protein can

    help you feel alert and get you in an active,

    productive mood.

    Drink lots of water to stay

    hydrated and avoid the in-ight bar.

    [This tip goes hand-in-hand with

    grabbing an aisle seat!]

    Try not to eat any heavy meals as soon as you arrive at your destination in order to acclimatise to your new time zone.

    Aircraft lters are eective at

    capturing greater than 99.9% of the

    airborne microbes in the ltered air


    Open a book, tune in to your music or turn on an in-ight movie and

    arrive at your destination fresh-thinking and ready for action.

    There is no avoiding the need for sleep. Losing even one or two hours from your regular

    pattern can throw o your performance the next day.

    Sleeping tablets can be helpful for some people and are an alternative if all else

    fails. Just be very careful with the dosage so that you wake

    up well before landing.

    Send a quick note of thanks to anyone that you met on your trip. It might only take

    a few seconds but could go a long way in keeping up


    Have a shower to freshen up as soon as you get to your

    hotel. Hang your clothes in the bathroom and let the

    steam do the hard work of ironing out unavoidable


    Be careful with information that you divulge over the phone in the back of your

    host-organised transport. The driver might be paying

    very close attention!

    Cut down on any wasted time that you spend abroad by scheduling as many meetings as possible into 48 hours. The chances are that if youre allowing more time than

    that, then you are sacricing time with friends and family.


    Love reading blogs and other online articles but rarely have the time? Save them to Pocket and youll have a beautiful oine reading experience waiting for you on your phone, tablet or laptop once that plane takes o.


    Save insurance details, passport images, itineraries and more to one place, make notes for business ideas, add photos, organise by topic, location, or into tagged notebooks. Best of all, it syncs seamlessly across all devices.


    Turn your iPad into a second screen to go alongside your laptop while working on the go.


    Despite regulatory issues in a handful of countries, Everyones Private Driver is a global service and now operates in over 50 countries. Use it as an easy way to get around while avoiding the risk of local cabbies overcharging you.

    Google Maps

    The app allows you to store maps for most major cities oine so you can access them without an internet connection while travelling around in an unfamiliar city. Just search for the city in the app, then pull up the place info and tap the options button to see Save Oine Map.

    Request a wake-up call at your hotel just

    in case your alarm clock fails you.

    There are ecient ways to optimize space in your bag and squeeze your

    smart clothes into its tight connes. From rolling your tie and keeping it in a zip-lock bag to slipping socks

    into a spare pair of shoes.

    Bring along deodorant, perfume or liquid make-up as long as its

    under 100ml and store in a sandwich bag. If youre in need of

    more toiletries remember to stock up in the airport.

    1Save energy and stress and only

    bring a carry-on. Bag restrictions dont vary much from 22 x 14 x 10 so purchase a small bag with

    plenty of pockets and zips.

    A tablet can be a great companion for a business traveller but it

    doesnt suit all professions. If you plan to do any sort of writing then

    a slim laptop is a better choice.

    Running shoes. Running is a great way to explore a new

    city and leave you feeling free of the usual post-ight


    Before you leave, think what will be useful. A pre-made name

    badge for attending numerous conferences. A few business cards, a USB stick and some

    breath-mints at the very least.


    Get a good meal in your new city. The OpenTable app has partnered with Yelp to get reliable reviews and is

    downloadable for all smart phones The app allows you to pinpoint nearby

    restaurants on a map.

    Remember to keep your receipts to return to your oce!


    Melatonin is a hormone that is produced when it gets dark and makes us feel sleepy. Avoid that grumpy state we arrive at when

    our body clocks go out the window by regulating your

    light exposure.

    Try gradually shifting your sleeping pattern in the days

    leading up to departure. If that doesnt work bring a sleeping

    mask onboard.







    2017Number of domestic business and leisure trips in the US

    of people say using their smartphone helps them nd a restaurant when

    travelling abroad.

    Baggage mishandling

    is still costing the industry

    over 1.34

    Billionevery year


    Along with plane pressurisation, cabin humidity aectsyour palette and is typically lower than 20%, 10% less than

    the average household. This decreased level can can dry out your nose, weaken your sense of smell and make food taste bland.

    Guillaume de Syon, professor of history at Albright College, researched the history of airline food and says:

    If you were to serve a nice breast of chicken, which you can do on board, within a minute or two, the chicken would be like sawdust.

    The solution is in the sauce apparently...

    Be charming to the check-in s

    ta and you

    could land yourself an upgrad

    e to rst class.

    Theres no harm in trying.


    All-purpose travel adapters are one less headache to

    deal with when you get to your


    GO EXTREME Try packing nothing!

    If you visit a city regularly then try caching a few items of clothing, toiletries,

    chargers and travel medicines. If youre a regular (and a good guest) then most

    hotels will be able to store your items for you, ready to pick up again upon your

    arrival. If you dont have any luck with your hotel then you can try a service like

    Makespace in the US.

    Passport wallet

    When travelling regularly your passport can take a bit of a battering. Purchase a good

    passport wallet to keep it pristine, they also double up well for storing business cards and

    travel documents.

    A Knomad is the perfect organiser for digital essentials

    Forgot? Ask hotel reception,

    sometimesthey have


    External laptop and phone batteries

    Out of juice? There are a variety of products that will keep your power

    running on the go.

    The Phorce Pro Bag is so powerful it can charge a latop or an iPhone 5S 14 times. Never run out of power again.

    Get on that plane as often as possible

    While sometimes it may feel likea hassle, building face-to-face

    relationships is invaluable and will always trump conference

    calls and emails.

    Booking Travel

    Flight delays mount up throughout the day thanks to the knock-on eect they have

    with sta, plane availability, airport gates, etc. Book an early morning ight to reduce the risk of your ight being delayed and gain some acclimatisation time

    in your destination city.

    Relax. You will improve your

    productivity by planning ahead

    for your meetings before you

    set foot on the plane.

    Bring a scarf with you

    Not only will it keep you warm in a chilly cabin, itdoubles up as a blanket.

    If you do have some time to spare, take advantage of it! You might be

    lucky and know a friendly local that you can visit.

    If not, explore the neighbourhood.

    The world is your oyster! (For an hour or two).