INFOGRAPHIC: B2B Marketing Outsourcing Considerations and Tips

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This Infographic summarizes considerations and possibilities when deciding whether to outsource certain aspects of B2B marketing efforts. I spent most of my career as a corporate employee where this question often came up. Having been on both sides I’m comfortable conveying unbiased tips. For the complete narrative on considerations for Hiring vs. Outsourcing, visit Lydia's Marketing Blog: When to Hire vs. Outsource About Lydia's Marketing: I help companies develop effective brand, marketing and content strategies. Affordable B2B marketing and communications consultation and support for startups, small and medium businesses, and marketing agencies across the globe. -Brand, marketing and messaging strategy -Marketing planning and implementation (inc. digital marketing and social media) -Content and communications -General advice and guidance

Text of INFOGRAPHIC: B2B Marketing Outsourcing Considerations and Tips

  • 1. I am trying to get to the next level with our marketing and theres lots to do! What should I manage in-house and what should I outsource? MARKETING OUTSOURCING CONSIDERATIONS FOR B2B COMPANIES IN THE DIGITAL AGE Executive and employee roundtables Process and framework Brand & Messaging Strategy Industry and customer research Analysis and documentation Thought partner for conclusions and decisions Assessment and gap analysis Sales/Marketing Alignment and Integration General advice and guidance Strategy and playbook to improve, e.g. > Strategic use of buyer personas > Integration of sales and social media Training and internal workshops strategies, a.k.a Social Selling > Messaging consistency > Integration of content and sales tools General advice on best practices and current trends Digital Marketing, Data and Operations Data infrastructure gap analysis and roadmap Critical specialists that are only needed a short while, e.g. for: Organizational structure and roadmap > Marketing automation integration > SEO/SEM strategy > Website user experience design Content strategy and planning process Creative ideas for design and delivery Customer interviews for case studies Content Marketing Writing support Production (e.g. videos, slideshows, presentations, infographics) Research and data collection for blog posts and other thought-leadership content These are just a few suggestions based on common scope of work for B2Bs that are saying to themselves: I need to figure out or refresh our brand strategy, unique value proposition, and message. I need to get our company into the 21st century with the latest B2B best practices such as content marketing, social selling, lead nurturing, and marketing automation. I need to rethink my marketing organizational structure through the lens of data, technology and marketing operations (vs. my current lens of traditional media, tradeshows, email and public relations). I need to align our marketing and sales functions toward a common goal. Much depends on your companys size, budgets and goals but this can be a good starting point for what to consider. Lydias Marketing & Communication Consulting Services Practical, no-nonsense, fast, and affordable virtual marketing consultation and support 415.672.1870 | [email protected] |