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10 tips to optimize your facebook group (Infographic)

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Text of 10 tips to optimize your facebook group (Infographic)

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    Hi all! This group is open to all the people who have created Facebook Group(s) and who are interested in Group Management, content marketing orsocial media. All the related topics are welcome!

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    May 10, 2012



    to optimize your Facebook Group

    How to get more reactions, comments & posts? Here are ten tips to help you:

    Tell people what the group is about

    Hello, dear movie lovers, you can exchange or sell your DVD collections here. Or share with us your favorite movie posters, photos, video clips, reviews and anything else you find interesting.

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    February 15 at 9:30pm



    Give some examples of contentmembers can post


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    Welcome, Eddie Pen ! If you have some time, pleaseintroduce yourself briefly so everybody here canknow you ^_^

    June 06 at 3:45pm


    Welcome new members3

    Encourage people to invite their friends


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    Fellows outdoor enthusiast, just want to let you know that you can add your friends who love alsooutdoor activities to the group. We love to see newpeople!

    August 10, 2015


    React and commenton members posts5

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    Hey, this saturday we will organize a party in the Lemon Tree Bar in downtown. It starts at 10:00 pm.Beer 3$ and cocktail 5$ for group members. Come and Lets rock!

    March 26 at 4:50pm


    You and 56 others.

    It sounds awesome!

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    Shareinteresting posts6

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    The best thing I always love to do on Sunday...

    Just now

    Wifi, coffee,home.


    Tag peopleby using @+name7

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    Hello, I have a question. How can I ask my customersto write me some recommendations?

    June 02 at 11:30am


    Do you have good ideas?


    Hi, gamers, do you like Blizzard Entertainments newGame Overwatch?



    Check regularlyyour group

    At leastonce

    a week.


    Ask questions and use poll 8

    Absolutely, I love it!

    Well, not really.



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    10Take yourtime

    Dont get upsetKeep trying.

    Alicja Advik

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