Scaling Content in WordPress

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Learn techniques to scale adding content to WordPress using Atlassian's JIRA and Confluence. Also, use Google Analytics to better understand your readership and audience.


  • 1. create, communicate, evaluate

2. create, communicate, evaluate to evolve out of one's own thought 3. create, communicate, evaluate impart and made known to others 4. create, communicate, evaluate ensuring desired understanding 5. Dan Radigan Atlassian @danradigan 6. Content is becoming rapidly widespread 7. Why is thisimportant? 8. People arebombarded and are now harder to reach 9. Remember though 10. Content is stillTOP DOG 11. Your WordPress is aproduct 12. therefore 13. Know yourcustomer and yourmarket 14. CreateCommunicate Evaluate 15. The people who create content arent often full-time WordPressers, like us 16. therefore 17. Make the content you want easy tocreate 18. Deliver real assets 19. Use consistent layouts 20. keep collaboration close to content 21. Simplify delivery 22. CreateCommunicate Evaluate 23. Notcreatedall content isequal 24. Content expires 25. expires 26. therefore 27. Know yourgoals and scheduleaccordingly 28. enable more authors 29. retain quality manage schedules 30. Lots of writers with varied goals 31. Lots of writers with varied goalsCurators manage flow 32. Admin& Editor&Editor&Editor&Author& Author& Author& Author& Author& Author& Author& Author& Author& 33. Workow! optimizes us 34. CreateCommunicate Evaluate 35. Your WordPress is a (software)product 36. therefore 37. content is an iterative endeavor 38. UA-20039645-1 39. learn about your audience 40. optimize keywords 41. validate your architecture 42. social: when is my audience online? 43. segments: what is my audience doing? 44. engage your audience with a call to action 45. engage your audience with a call to action 46. UTM codes correlate targeted eort and results 47. utm_source=promo utm_medium=email utm_campaign=fallsale 48. Questions?