Pinning is Winning: 7 Astounding Pinterest Ecommerce Statistics

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  • 7 Astounding

    Ecommerce Statistics


  • Pinning is Winning

    Pinterest is the social network powerhouse that everyone is talking aboutif theyre not

    already on the site browsing and pinning. More and more businesses are focusing their

    content marketing efforts on the platform, pinning blog posts, product pages, and other

    digital assets that appeal to Pinterests 100 million monthly active users. For ecommerce

    businesses especially, Pinterest provides the opportunity to promote high-quality visual

    content to a vast audience and convert leads into customers directly from the platform.

    Need more proof that you should incorporate the social network into your next content

    marketing push? Pulled from Ahalogys 2015 study, weve compiled seven astounding

    Pinterest ecommerce statistics that show that for ecommerce companies, pinning truly

    does lead to winning:


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    7 Astounding Pinterest Ecommerce Statistics

  • 7 Astounding Pinterest Ecommerce Statistics

    73% of monthly active pinners have bought something new they discovered

    on Pinterest. Pinterest inspires action. Ecommerce businesses can take

    advantage of Pinterest users purchasing intent by making product images

    pin-able on their website and regularly pinning product and marketing content

    to the social network themselves.

    Almost half of monthly active pinners indicate they are using Pinterest more

    often than when they first joined. And not only that, 46% stated their site

    visits are longer now, too. These statistics indicate that Pinterest usage is

    increasing, meaning your brand needs to create or strengthen your digital

    presence on the platform in the coming year.



  • 7 Astounding Pinterest Ecommerce Statistics

    42% of monthly active pinners see themselves as early adopters of new

    trends. Those same people view Pinterest as their top resource for

    researching new things to try. By marketing your ecommerce business on

    Pinterest, youre targeting the very trend-setters who could be your future

    product evangelists and promoters.

    There are 75% more male pinners in 2015 than there were in 2014. If you

    were hesitant to market on Pinterest after hearing that it was a primarily

    female-dominated platform, then rest assured: Male usage of Pinterest rose a

    whopping 75% this year, and is projected to keep rising.



  • 7 Astounding Pinterest Ecommerce Statistics

    64% of monthly active pinners look at items theyve pinned while in a physical

    store. And this number is up 30% from 2014! Pinterest doesnt just influence

    the digital sphere. Retailers who have physical stores can take advantage of

    the fact that not all consumers who make a purchase after seeing a pin do so


    Half of monthly active pinners use Pinterest instead of engaging on other

    social media sites. Pinterests audience is a devoted one. By content

    marketing across the platform, youre reaching a vast and engaged group of

    users who truly love the sites format and will appreciate you joining in with

    your own posts.



  • 7 Astounding Pinterest Ecommerce Statistics

    However, monthly active pinners tend to belong to more social sites than

    online consumers (3.7 compared to 2.2). What does this mean for ecommerce

    businesses? Extended reach! Since pinners generally belong to more social

    sites than regular online consumers, theyre more likely to promote your brand

    and products on your behalf across those other non-Pinterest channels,

    lightening your workload.



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