New rules for content marketing

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Let go of the top down approach, and let you customers in on your decision making process. Let them get to know your team through authorship and social media.


<ul><li>1. </li></ul> <p>2. 1. Treat Keyword Like Hot Sauce: The old days of keyword stuffing are long gone, put your keywords in the title and use it only once or twice in your article. 2. Have a voice (or brand) customers can Identify with : Develop a consistent tone, message, and personally for your brand. 3. Build trust with transparency: Let go of the top down approach, and let you customers in on your decision making process. Let them get to know your team through authorship and social media. 3. 4. Make the most of a great idea with multiple formats: Great ideas can be published in many different forms, such as blog post, infographics, and videos. 5. Headlines are everything: Carefully craft titles for articles to entice readers. 6. Use the news: What is talking about? Find out, and discuss how these current events and trends relate to your products or service. 4. 7. You cant stock the cupboards till you take out the trash: Did you make SEO mistakes in the past, such as buying link or publishing low quality content? Fix these errors ASAP so they dont get in the way of your progress. 8. Dont just postengage Users respond to high quality content, so measure the reaction from your social communities to gauge effectiveness. 9. Invite yourself to someone elses party once in a while: Guest post on other relevant websites and cross promote the content to increase exposure. 5. 10. Remember that great content invites links: Content marketing replaces a lot of the labour involved in link building because people naturally share great stuff. 11. 11. Build your content from an on-going plane: Create an editorial calendar to manage your schedule and keep track of ideas. 12. 12. The best inspiration comes from several different sources: Get fresh ideas by visiting different sites for news and opinions. Steer clear of sources your competitors frequent. 6. 13. 13. Quality is as important as quantity: Its better to publish 1 good article per week than 5 low quality blog posts. 14. 14. Quantity still matters: Publish at least 1 piece of content per week. If you publish less frequently, readers will lose interest. 15. 15. Take your time: Dont force inspiration, and be patient because results wont come overnight. 7. 16. 16. Stop buying content from the bargain bin: $3 articles written by people overseas wont get you anywhere. In fact, they may hurt you because of recent panda updates. 17. 17. Know your biggest content marketing Enemy: Boring copy is your worst enemy. No one will respond to bland content. 18. 18. Use 1 piece of content to promote another: Add related posts to the bottom of your blog posts in your email campaigns, promote your e-book with an infographic, etc. 8. 19. 19. Recycle your greatest hits: Find out which posts get the most traffic and reader interest. Reshare these posts through social media and recap popular articles in new posts. 20. 20. Always ask the key question about a piece of content: Assess your own work by asking yourself, is this worth the readers time? 21. 21. Use your content to turn searches, readers, and fans into buyers: Dont forgot to include call to action in your posts, introduce promotions on your blog, etc. 9. 10. </p>


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