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LinkedIn Sponsored UpdatesTrends in 2015The most interesting and effective tactics used throughout the year

Native content, when done right, can be the most useful tool in a company's marketing arsenal. But with so much noise in the digital space, its becoming more challenging to earn attention. The content marketing consultation team here at LinkedIn have combed through hundreds of sponsored posts to find tactics that have caught our attention.

Here are 10 approaches to inspire your next post. Enjoy!

Crowd-sourcingKicking off a new initiative? Get your audience to contribute content, names, taglines, etc. Crowd-sourced or user-generated content has been an effective tactic for many marketers (GoPro comes to mind) and Holiday Inn Express joins the ranks with this post.

Trend One:

Trend Two: MemesOne sees memes being used on all social platforms, but it is less common on LinkedIn, where companies tend to be more conservative. Dont forget that professionals are human, and that a light and fun tone can stand out easily in a news feed full of serious advice and industry articles.

Trend Three: PersonalizationThis post from Breather not only utilizes LinkedIns company targeting capability, it directly addresses this niche audience, making it clear that the offer is intended for them. It feels relevant and exclusive. Just make sure you have a broad enough audience to deliver impressions and actions at a meaningful scale.

Trend Four: Consumer Brands on LinkedInWhile B2B marketers have long relied on LinkedIn to find their audiences, the consumer marketing space has been less prevalent. Increasingly, consumer brands are finding an engaged and relevant audience for their message on the platform. This post from Diageo Reserve stands out as being one of only a few in its category, and it earned an above-benchmark engagement rate. A compelling image and recognizable celebrity add to the interest.

Trend Five: Humor in B2BLeadership advice articles can be a dime a dozen on LinkedIn. Intels decision to lighten the tone of theirs through humour was an incredibly effective tactic that helped their post stand out and earn a spot as one of the top sponsored updates of the year.

Trend Six: VideoWhat are you trying to convey? If your story has a strong visual component, video may be the best way to get your message across. However, business videos dont have to be stiff. People watch video to learn, to be inspired, and to be entertained. This video series promoted by Air Canada is visually appealing, and inspires would-be travelers with a behind-the-scenes look at their all-important food service.

Trend Seven: (Better) Insights Through InfographicsOkay, so infographics have been around for years. Their use is not new, but marketers are getting better at effectively using them to convey stories and deliver meaningful insights. Simplilearn does a great job of enticing their audience to learn more by providing up-front value with a call-to-action.

Trend Eight: More Visuals, PleaseThe brain processes images faster than text, so the image used in your update will be your first impression. GE has long been known for their visual branding. The image in this update is awe-inspiring and makes scrolling through a news feed a more interesting and rewarding experience.

Trend Nine: Brands Find A Voice on The LinkedIn Publishing PlatformThe LinkedIn Publishing Platform is only accessible to individuals, not companies. However, that does not mean a company cannot leverage it for branding. Employee activation is a rising trend, and in the case of Marriott, it is a way for the company to showcase its expertise. The use of the native platform adds authenticity, since a members identity and background are validated through their LinkedIn profile.

Trend Ten: Mix Evergreen and Topical ContentHere at LinkedIn, we see a lot of great evergreen content- the kind that remains relevant for months, even longer. But topical content is key to a thought leadership strategy, since experts must be able to stay on top of current events while maintaining a long-term view. This example from EY illustrates that nicely.

For more tips on how to master sponsored content on LinkedIn, check out the Sophisticated Marketers Ultimate Guide to Sponsored Updates

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