LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates: Overview

LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates: Overview

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  • LinkedIn TargetedStatus Updates Tailor Your Content to Specic Audiences

    Improve message relevance by targeting your updates

    Marketing Solutions

    Unlock a Massive OpportunityPrior to the launch of Targeted Status Updates, marketers had no way to tailor the content in their status updates to specic types of company followers. Audiences from different industries, job functions, geographies, and levels of seniority all received the same content.

    Now with Targeted Status Updates, marketers have an easy, proven way to engage company followers with content thats relevant and personalized to their interests.

    Introducing Targeted Status Updates & Follower Insights Leveraging company followers from LinkedIn, marketers can develop lasting relationships with the highest concentration of afuent professionals and business decision makers on the social web. With Targeted Status Updates, marketers can now tailor company status updates to specically targeted audiences to drive increased relevance and engagement.

    Targeting parameters, based on rich data provided by our members themselves and unique to LinkedIn, include:

    Company Size Industry Job Function Seniority Geography Non-company Employees

    In addition to Targeted Status Updates, were also releasing a powerful new insights dashboard so marketers can better understand their follower demographics, growth rates, and status update interaction. These insights are invaluable for crafting a strategy to gain followers and optimize their engagement.

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