Creating LinkedIn Sponsored Content That Earns Engagement

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Creating Sponsored Content Posts That Earn EngagementTips from LinkedIns top performing posts in NAMERApril - June 2016


What are the best practices for promoting content on LinkedIn?

A search for LinkedIn content best practices returns over 40 million results on Google. Promoting content on a social platform does not have to be that complicated. These 5 examples of top-performing sponsored content posts provide tips you can use to earn engagement in the news feed of a busy (and aspirational) audience.




The following sponsored content posts: Targeted an audience in the NAMER regionServed at least 25K impressionsAchieved a top engagement rate (NOTE: engagement rate includes clicks + social actions)

The top posts are broken out across the following categories:OverallEducationTechnologyFinancial Services

4A cheat sheet

5 Key Takeaways

Drive higher engagement by keeping description copy