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General guidelines for selecting content to distribute on a professional social network, as well as tactical best practices for optimizing conversions

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  • 1. Jaime Pham Content Marketing Consultant LinkedIn Social Lead Generation Using native content promotion to convince and convert

2. 3 Setting the tone The professional mindset 3. 4 If content is king and distribution is queen, then context is the kingdom 4. 5 Be Helpful Professionals are looking for insights that will help them be more productive and successful 5. Be Knowledgeable The research shows that the IT committee is looking for experts and thought-leaders. 6. 7 leverage existing relationships engage before you ask dont just talk about yourself great stories are memorable Be Social 7. 8 With lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight content Mix it up 8. Rule #1 of content marketing: know what your audience wants to hear 9 Why do members follow companies? To learn about the company * 73% To stay informed on the industry 69% I used to work for the company 47% Top content type that tech followers in the US want to receive New product launches (62%) Tech Events (61%) 9. What your non-followers are sharing LinkedIn Internal Data based on Member shares from 7/1 through 7/31 employee engagement entrepreneurship leadership android cloud computing Example Articles per Trending Topic Five Reasons Why CEOs Should Love the Cloud : Dont Sell a Product, Sell a Whole New Way of Thinking : The Battle for the Internet of Things, and the Winner is : Why A Stupid App Like Yo May Have Billion-Dollar Platform Potential : What Predicts Success? It's Not Your IQ : The Best Leaders at Google Aren't Stanford/MIT grads with Perfect SATs : Dont Waste Your 20s at Google or McKinsey : 33 Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Lessons Learned from Failure : Micromanagers: Flushing Companies Down the Toilet, One Detail at a Time : 15 Signs You Have a Bad Boss : 10. Mapping content to the funnel 11 11. Infographics, blog posts, webinars, best practice guides, industry trends Case studies, product reviews, analyst reports, webinars, ROI calculators, newsletters, white papers, research briefs Product demos, trials, product reviews and comparisons, analyst reports Recommendations, case studies, product news, tutorials Consideration Awareness Purchase Retention 12. 13 Capturing the lead Best practices for optimizing conversions 13. Once the member clicks your update, delight them with an experience on your website that will convert. Optimize Your Landing Pages Landing pages should create a seamless experience from the update, providing a little more info than what was in the update -- with a prominent call to action to download your content to see the rest. 14. Most importantly, make sure your landing page is mobile responsive otherwise you are wasting leads. Optimize Your Landing Pages 67% of clicks from Sponsored Updates will come from mobile. 15. Optimize Your Landing Pages No one wants to spend time filling out a lengthy form. Only capture the information you absolutely need this will help with conversions, especially on mobile. Marketo reports a $10 drop in CPL when shortening a form from 9 fields to 5 Keep your forms short 16. 17 Examples 17. Companies that deliver value and collect leads Pages to follow