Executive Briefing: Getting the Real Scoop on Content Marketing

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1. GETTING THE REAL SCOOP ON CONTENT MARKETING EXECUTIVE BRIEFING 2. What is Content Marketing? 3. CONTENT MARKETING IS A STRATEGIC MARKETING TECHNIQUE OF CREATING AND DISTRIBUTING VALUABLE, RELEVANT, AND CONSISTENT CONTENT TO ATTRACT AND ACQUIRE A CLEARLY DEFINED AUDIENCE WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF DRIVING PROFITABLE CUSTOMER ACTION. JOE PULIZZI, CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE 4. 2 GOALS OF CONTENT MARKETING Build an audience of loyal subscribers you own and can manage Create content brands for your business that become long-term business assets 5. Traditional vs. Content Marketing Outbound Activity Lead Generation INBOUND ACTIVITY Lead Nurturing 6. Fact CONTENT MARKETING GENERATES 3 TIMES AS MANY LEADS AS TRADITIONAL OUTBOUND MARKETING, BUT COSTS 62% LESS. (DEMAND METRIC) 7. What isnt Content Marketing? 8. CONTENT MARKETING IS NOT: Advertising Public Relations SEO Social Media Branding Publishing/Journalism 9. PREDICTORS FOR SUCCESS Having a documented strategy Following the strategy very closely 65% of the most effective content marketers in Australia do this. 10. What does a mature content marketing strategy look like? 11. 3 Components NIRVANA 12. Original Content 13. Social Media 14. Search Engine Optimisation 15. Mature Content Strategy Original Content Social Media SEO Targeted Traffic Build Trust Create Buzz 16. Wipe Out 17. TRAP FOCUSING ON WRONG TACTICS Whats in use Whats effective 18. Why a social media strategy is a big waste of time (and money) 19. Youre building on rented land 1. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are commercial enterprises 2. They rely on other brands to build their asset then they monetise and expect you to pay 3. Youre at their mercy 20. Small Band of Followers Original Content Social Media 21. Without content, conversation is mere networking. Without conversation, content is dead. Tipping Point Labs 22. Buckshot, aka, Hello Adwords Original Content SEO 23. THINK ABOUT WHAT A USER IS GOING TO TYPE -MATT CUTTS, GOOGLE TRAP Using the wrong language 24. Land of SPAM Social Media SEO 25. TRAP Broadcasting mode People are seeking their own information. They dont care about you or your company. The days of self-serving, Self-promoting blah, blah, blah are over 26. Creating Long-Term Business Assets 27. What you can expect from content marketing and what you shouldnt 28. Long-term, durable business assets Loyal audience who trusts and relies on your information Cost-effective marketing that moves your expenditure into an investment 29. Final Thoughts Start with a documented, 3-prong content marketing strategy tied to business objectives Focus on building your own audience dont invest in rented audiences Create content brands for long-term business assets Make sure to market your content 30. Last (but not least) Make sure your staff and service providers know what content marketing is and what it isnt. 31. Get in Touch Listen to the Brand Newsroom podcast http://brandnewsroom.net Find our blog at Lush Digital Media http://lushdigital.com Get in touch: Address: 295 Lord Street, Perth 6000, Western Australia Ring us on: +61 8 9228 3380