How to become the most loved person at the office

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    HOW TO

  • Show appreciation and express acknowledgement.If someone does a great job in your group project or you've been admiring their new blazer tell them.

    What's better than a compliment or a thank you?


  • Respond to calls and emails promptly.You value your time and so do your coworkers. By quickly acknowledging calls and emails, within 10

    minutes, you are reinforcing the value of their time whilemaking sure they stay productive.


  • Steer clear of gossip. All office gossip is bad news. Just avoid it as much as possible.


  • Reach out to new teammates. Its important to get to know the people around you. Especially when it's their first week on the job. Who

    knows when you might work with them in the future?


  • Get to know your coworkers skill sets. Understanding each others skills builds better inter-office relationships and helps people feel valued at the

    same time. Just make sure you confirm with them before volunteering their skills.


  • Bring snacks.Snacks are a great way to break up the day. They create conversations. You can make everyone's morning

    bright with delicious donuts or be the savior of the afternoonwith spinach dip and salsa.


  • Make valuable connections.Take five minutes to ask your coworkers about their family /home life. Listen to what they have to say. The

    time you spend investing in them will help them feel valued and start more conversations.


  • Lighten their workload (after being out sick). We all know how overwhelming it is to come back to work after being out for awhile. One look at your inbox and youre done. Offer to help clear some things off their plate. It's a gesture they'll remember.


  • Create traditions.Having happy hour every Friday night, forming a bowling team, or enjoying a pizza party once a month

    encourages everyone to spend time together without stressing about projects.


  • Be a listening ear.Sometimes we need to vent. Provide an opportunity to sit down with someone who feels frustrated and

    just let them get it out. You'll both feel better afterwards.


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