Getting Started with Google Analytics - Just for Bloggers

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This introduction to Google Analytics focuses on the specific needs of blogger. Goal setting is critical and integration with Google Webmaster Tools provides insights that will help analyze and focus your blog promotion efforts.


  • 1. Getting StartedwithGoogle Analytics-Just for Bloggers-

2. Ileane SmithBasic Blog TipsMs. Ileane Speaks@Ileane 3. Its important to know where your traffic is coming from, so youcan discover where to get more of it! 4. Discover thereal trafficGEMS& Ditch theJUNK 5. SuccessfulProjectsAlways Startwith the"PrepWork" 6. Step #1 : Setting up yourGOALS 7. On the Admin Panel select theGoals Tab 8. You ARE building an email listright?By the way - 9. Your First URLGoal- Thank You! 10. Well FocusonTrafficfromGoogleSearch 11. Step #2: Connect Webmaster Tools toGoogle AnalyticsWatch this video 12. Now youre ready to get MEANINGFULinsights from Google Analytics 13. Where Do PeopleGo -When they visit YourBlog? 14. Find Popular Pages On TheSite Content Reports 15. Where did they find your blog?Check the Sources Report 16. LetsFind outWhere theRubberMeets theRoad 17. Remember to track yourGOALS!! 18. SocialConversionTrackingBy Goal 19. Want More GoogleAnalytics Training?-Get In Touch- 20. Ileane SmithBasic Blog TipsMs. Ileane Speaks@Ileane


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