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  • Survey Monkey Analysis

  • The answers to this question shows that the majority of our surveyors consume music videos through the internet. This shows that the younger audience, between the ages of 16 and 24, keep up with the technological changes of the 21st century and the consumption of media through social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+) and websites like YouTube. 2) Where do you watch music videos?

  • 81.8% of the surveyors were male. This has given us a better insight to who our audience is. In our music video we will try and incorporate something to relate back to this result, like having an attractive female lead in our video.

    3) Are you male or female?

  • 91.7% of our audience were 16-24 years old, and with the majority of our surveyors being male, the idea of having an attractive female lead will work for our music video. This also relates back to our younger generation finding out about everything through the internet, most specifically social networking, which my group sent out messages through Facebook and Twitter to our friends to answer our survey.4) What is your age?

  • Nearly all of our surveyors were students. Since we are college students, and dont have budgets to spend on our videos, this can relate to them as it wont be like mainstream music videos released by well known artists. 5) Which of the following best describes your current occupation?

  • 6) In your opinion, what makes a music video intersting?The surveyors have varied opinions on what makes a music video interesting for them. Most of the surveyors like when the music video has a good narrative. They also like when the video is relevant to the song. When the protagonist of the video is attractive (since most of the surveyors are lads, particularly theyre speaking of an attractive girl). No clichs stories and video having an individual concept is preferred by the surveyors.

  • 7) Do you prefer a narrative music video or more of a concept driven video (the performance)? Majority of surveyors want a narrative for our music video. Were going to have a loose narrative to keep up with the conventions of the chillwave genre.

  • 8) Do you like music videos that are funny or serious?The surveyors had mixed opinions on what type of video they liked, but there was just slightly more that preferred a serious music video to a funny one. Were going to take their decisions into account and have our music video a mixture of the two.

  • 9) What genre do you prefer to listen to?The surveyors most prefer dance music to the genre of our music video, chillwave. Although these genres are similar but also have their differences. Chillwave is more of an indie genre, while dance is taken over as a mainstream genre, the differences being very small. Maybe we could consider having some conventions of the dance genre in our music video, so audiences like the surveyors who prefer the dance genre better, could like our music video somewhat more.