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Tutorial for using survey monkey

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  • 1.Using SurveyMonkey Creating online surveyseasy as pie!

2. Go to link:

  • You will be able to:
    • Design your survey
    • Collect results
    • Perform an analysis based upon those results

3. Once you establish a free account, SurveyMonkey makes it easy to usejust follow the instructions. 4. Choose a title for your survey and type it in then click create survey . 5. Create your theme and begin adding questions 6. Choose question type 7. Lots to choose from 8. Type in your question and then add another until your survey is complete. 9. When done, select preview up in top right-hand corner. 10. Decide how to send out survey requests-lots of options 11. I chose to send emails with a link to the survey from my own email account 12. The analysis is automatically completed as respondents submit their surveys. 13. It is that simple!

  • Hard part is designing the survey instrument in order to find out what you want to know about the respondents.
  • Next stepsthink about your research project and the survey questions you want to ask.
  • Write a draft of the survey goals and then start writing questions.
  • When you feel confident your questions are the right ones then access SurveyMonkey and enter your information.