How to make a long distance relationship work: Advice on building a routine

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  • 1. How to make a long distance relationship work: Advice on building a routine

2. We are all afraid to try long distance relationship. However, no matter how hard we try to avoid this from happening, sometimes we still find ourselves in this situation. It is only normal to be afraid in committing ourselves in this so called long distance love affair, however we need to understand that there is no harm in trying and believing that it will work. Here are some long distance relationship advice on how to build a routine and making your relationship work.
3. Know and Understand Your Time Zones-Most couples who live miles apart tend to have problems with the time zones. For this reason, it is important that both of you are aware of your time differences. This way, you know exactly the most convenient time to contact your partners.
4. Set A Schedule-Set a particular day and time for your long talks. It is important to set a specific time to ensure that you give all your attention to your partner. This will also avoid too much waiting on the line that sometimes causes misunderstanding and impatience.
5. Surprise Your Partner-Although it is important to build and stick with your daily or weekly routine, one important long distance relationship advice you should not forget is to surprise them once in a while. It would make them feel that you constantly think of your partner even during those times that you do not have any planned talks or meet ups.
6. Plan Your Cyber Dates-Being apart does not mean you can no longer have a date. You can always pretend that you are together. While on Skype or on a video call on Facebook or Google, set the mood by playing some romantic music and adjust the light for a more romantic mood. Both of you will surely enjoy this and would make your love stronger.
7. Find Time To Meet Up-Being together physically at least once or twice a year will give you a chance to know each other much deeper. Although this can be a little expensive especially if you live in two different countries, what you can do is visit each others place alternately. You will realize that the money you will spend is nothing compared to the presence and warmth of your partners embrace.
8. Remember that long distance love will only work out if both parties believe in it. No matter how many books you read about long distance relationship advice if you still have doubts about it, then the relationship will fail.
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