Long Distance Relationship Advice: Optimizing Communication

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  • 1.Long Distance Relationship Advice: Optimizing Communication

2. Youve probably heard that communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Welldoublethat andmultiply it by 3and thats about how important communication is in your long distance love.Depending on the distance, many couples are only able to see one another on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Learning how to communicate will not only benefit you to close the distance, but it will also help you once you and your long distance love are finally reunited.
3. Communication is more than just talking; it is being able to connect on a deeper level of understanding. Think of it like lasagna and the communication is the noodles; there is a lot of other good stuff in lasagna that depends on the noodle to hold it all together. I guess what Im getting at is without the foundation of communication than what is your LDR really sitting on?
4. If you stripped away the communication portion from your long distance relationship than memories are all that remains, and that situation would be about the same as dating someone who issix feet under. Nobody wants that.So get your butt in the saddle, grab the reins and really work on your communication. Here are a few major focal points of long distance love communicating.
5. Have you ever fallen out of touch with an old friend, and then when you see them again you have to spend hours catching up on what has happened in both of your lives?On the contrary, have you ever made it a point to keep in touch with a friend you rarely see, so when you finally get together its like you never even missed a beat?
6. You want your long distance love to be like that second scenario. If you and your partner were in the same city, you would no doubt be spending most of your time together, talking about, well, everything. Why should a long distance relationship be any different? It shouldnt be. Constantly communicating in a long distance is crucial to the success of the relationship.
7. Couples who have strong communication skills are able to withstand arguments and conflicts better than couples who dont know how to communicate, and WE ALL KNOW there will be arguments. If you are questioning something that your partner has said or done, instead of jumping to your own conclusions and getting worked up over nothing, a good communicator will simply ask them what they meant. Being real is a good practice because it can be difficult for those in a long distance relationship to recover from misunderstandings because the distance can amplify tension that would otherwise be trivial.
8. Another big one in regards to communication is explaining how you are feeling.This can be a little tougher for the men involved(stereotyping, whatever) as we havent gotten much practice at conveying emotions, but its something that you should work on together.
9. Communicating feelings is imperative and it actually might be easier since you probably wont be doing it face to face. Learn how to read your partner to try and pick up on what their feelings are and find a mature way to ask about them. If you feel the need to share your feelings make sure you think about how you will convey them and try to leave the emotion out of it.
10. News Flash-Long distance relationships arehard. There isnt a hand to squeeze when you dont know how to find the words. Remember that long distance relationships are far more challenging to communicate and do not, I repeat, do not get too down on yourself. Its tough.
11. Give yourself a break. Long distance love is quite the undertaking. There will be problems, there will be ups and downs. Youll get mad about nothing, youll probably take things out on your partner. These things happen. Dust yourself off and communicate things properly. Think of how you would have rather said things the first time. If you screw up in your communication be an adult, admit your guilt, apologize, communicate how would should have gone about things, and move on. I really hope this helps clear the air on communicating. When in doubt; let it out. Clear that air.
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