Analysis of Conducting Polymer:Polypyrrole::Part 3

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<ol><li> 1. General survey of importantresponse functions measuredPolarization of composite structure made of Ppy andPDMS.Visco-elasticity of structure.Young modulus.(Mechanical response)CH5190: Inroduction to Macromolecules </li><li> 2. General survey of important responsefunctions measured (contd.)Function Why is this function important?Dielectric Response high dielectric constant may play an importantrole in various applications such as dielectricresonators, patch antennas, dielectric lensesand dielectric elastomer actuatorsViscoelastic response various micro-structures (posts, grooves,channels, etc) can be potentially applied to studythe cellular behaviour and its interaction withextra cellular environment in morphological,mechanical and electrical approachesYoung modulus Of particular interest because theirelectromechanical transduction is similar to thenatural muscle-great potential in the biomimeticrobotsTunable electrical and mechanical responses of PDMS and polypyrrole nanowirecomposites-Ping Du, Xi Lin and Xin Zhang-Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,2013CH5190: Inroduction to Macromolecules </li><li> 3. Example 1: Dielectric responseCH5190: Inroduction to Macromoleculesfunction Dielectric constants of have similarfrequency-dependent relaxationbehavior, decreasing monotonically asthe frequency f increases. High dielectric constant of the PPy atlower frequency is mainly due to theinterfacial polarization. </li><li> 4. Example 2: Viscoelastic responseCH5190: Inroduction to Macromoleculesfunction solvated counter ions,increased the effective freevolumes in the conductingpolymer phase, and thereforefurther enhanced the viscousbehaviour of the PDMSPPycomposites. creep depth increased with thesupport electrolyte concentration, which suggested thatthe dopant ions were dominantin the viscoelastic response ofconducting polymers. </li><li> 5. Example 3:Youngs Modulus Elastic moduli of thecomposites increasemonotonically with thenanowire concentration. Moderate enhancement in theelastic moduli-beneficial for theelastomer applications whichrequire compliant structures.CH5190: Inroduction to Macromolecules </li><li> 6. CH5190: Inroduction to MacromoleculesSummary Dielectric constant of 10 vol% PDMS composite achievedan 85-fold augment as compared with the pristine PDMS. Tunable multifunctionality of PPy composites that possessenhanced electrical and viscoelastic properties withinmechanically compliant structures enables the design ofmore advanced sensing and actuating applications.Tunable electrical and mechanical responses of PDMS and polypyrrole nanowirecomposites-Ping Du, Xi Lin and Xin Zhang-Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,2013 </li><li> 7. A research statement about thepolymeric system of case studyFeasibility of Using Polypyrrole As ACH5190: Inroduction to MacromoleculesRAM(RadarAbsorbent Material) For Aircrafts </li><li> 8. Research Motivation Polypyrrolecoated materials and other relatedmixtures have been used for RAM. More study on conductivity and thermal stability forthis application is needed. Feasibility to produce low cost products.CH5190: Inroduction to Macromolecules </li><li> 9. CH5190: Inroduction to MacromoleculesWork plan To check shielding effect of conducting fabric againstelectromagnetic radiation Finding the cause behind conducting nature ofPolypyrrole. Thermal stability of Polypyrrole in airborne situation. Feasibility for ground level structures made with suchRAM. </li><li> 10. Expected outcome Low budget radar absorbent material preparation foraircrafts and static radar structures.CH5190: Inroduction to Macromolecules </li></ol>