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My Social Media final presentation


  • 1. Social Media in theClassroom Brandi HamnettFinal Presentation

2. My PLN before thiscourse I had ZERO understanding of creating a social network not on facebook, never saw a tweet, never heard ofweb 2.0 I was known by my friends and family as the personwho NEVER knows the latest news because I was sothe opposite of in the know not on facebook,twitter, etc. My PLN was chatting with another teacher something I often didnt even do on a daily basis My circle was so small home and classroom and ona good day, the teachers in my hallway/pod 3. Twitter This is a reallynew conceptfor me I hadnever evenread a Tweetbefore I still feel alittle unsureaboutparticipation I think Ill feelbetter after Iobserve for alittle while 4. Diigo I love to research, bothfor personal andprofessional purposes Diigo helps me organizemy bookmarks, makenotes, and access myinformation fromdifferent computers Not comfortable sharingyet, but am interested inthe group google toolsand am finding helpfulsites using othersbookmarks 5. Google Groups - joiningLove the Google tools education group so helpful for someone just learning tointegrate this into my classroom. Most essential tip for form tests make the firstquestion the students name. 6. Google Groups - creating I plan to also use google groups once schoolbegins to give the same permissions to agroup of people for some of my google docs For example: I created a google group for mygrade level partners/PLC team to use forcollaboration For example: I think it would be useful to makea classroom parent group for sharinginformation 7. Professional SocialNetwork Classroom 2.0 Joined Classroom 2.0 as my first professionalsocial network Posted an introduction, updated my profile,and tweeted my membership to get started 8. My PLN after this course:A much larger circle Good old email home and school Twitter Classroom 2.0 professional social networking site Diigo Google Reader Google Groups My circle even includes teachers from other countries! Thatsquite a change from home, class, and maybe hallway 9. Reflection The three stage explanation helped me tounderstand where I am in the process of creatingmy PLN Having had so little experience all of theseplatforms were a lot to take in I definitely needsome time to just get used to all the platforms Now I have so many options as I begin to movetowards collaboration and contribution in my PLN