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Presentation by J. Irabedra and G. Rivero from 4th form D 2014 Colegio Seminario.

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  • 1. Ronald Reagan

2. Ronald Reagan was born IN Febraury the6th, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois, US.During his early years, Reagan movedcontinually from city to city, and stablishedon Dixon, Illinois, where he attended to theUniversity.Ronald Reagan during his early years atDixonReagan studied social sciences atEureka College and became interested inmany things, including acting. 3. Ronald hereby graduated in 1932.He worked in many radio programmes andin most of them he broadcasted footballgames.In 1937 he was first hired by Warner BrotherStudios as an actor. His first job experiencein Hollywood starring B-films.In the same year, he had his first screencredit starring in the film Love is on the Air.Heading to 1939, he had already appearedin about 19 films.Love is on the Airs official film poster 4. Reagan became vicepresident and presidentof the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) in 1946and 1947 accordingly.Ronald and his wife, both cooperated withthe Un-American Activities Committee. Theyalso were FBI informants in Hollywood. Theyprovided names of people who could havebeen allied with any foreign force (speciallycommunism).Hollywood was believed as a key in the waragainst communism. Some people evenprosecuted actors and directors due to thename of some films, such as The NorthernStar, Russian Song, between others.Ronalds starring at General ElectricTheater 5. Reagan got married with Jane Wyman. Theyknew each other producing the film Brother Rat.They got married in 26th January in 1940. Theyhad 2 children and adopted a third children.Heading to 1949, they got divorced.In 1952, Ronald got married with another woman(Nancy Davis) and got two more children.Ronalds first weddingRonald and Nancy Davis, in 1964 6. Ronald Reagan launched his political career as ademocrat in 1945.One of his main proposals was the promotion of theopposition to the MAD.He was supported by Truman.He promoted the recognition of the Civil Rightstowards everyone.Later did Reagan become governor of California (1967-75) 7. Reagans presidency(1981-84/1985-89)Ronald and Nancy Reagan after Ronalds victory 8. National AffairsThe US wasnt having a good time whenRonald Reagan became president due toeconomical issues (high inflation, highpoverty rates, etc)Concerning economy, Reagan wasfervently supporting Laissez-fairemethods. He was pro-liberalism. The firstmeasure he took as soon as he wasrecognized as president was removing thecontrol that the government had towardspetrol prices.The national debt was really high. It wasalmost tripled during his assumption.Reagans campaign 9. International AffairsReagan was clearly against the USSR.During his presidency, he applied a lot ofpolicies which prevented the attacks fromthe aformentioned country.Millions of dollars were spent in order toprovide enough weapons to the USA. Thisassured once more the MAD. This weaponsalso entailed the usage of nuclear weapons.Creation of the Strategical Defense InitiativeHe fervently intervened in the trouble withIran Hostage CrisisBallistic Missile 10. Reagan was really strict. He didnt supportminorities nor promoted the recognition ofnew rights towards women, he thought thatthere were already many amendments to thepublic law which protected them.He opposed the Civil Rights Act and theVoting Right Act.He was in favour of Capital penaltyHe was the one who established the IllegalImmigrants Act, whichs articles are still beingapplied.In the US, a lot of people was getting into thecrack. He strongly fought against this.Reagan, standing in front of the Berlinswall addressed Gorbachev and told:General Secretary Gorbachev, if youseek peace, if you seek prosperity forthe Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, ifyou seek liberalization, come here tothis gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open thisgate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down thiswall 11. Alzheimer disease lead him to the death on June 5, 2004Ronald and Nancy, 1990Ronalds casket