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  • 1. DESIGN FOR LEARNINGSPACESExploring areas offurniture design andsoap dispenserJakkur urdu government primary school

2. Overview of theResearch processAbout the schoolBuilding relationshipsParticipatory toolsInterviewsa, e, i, o, uFly on the wall(need analysis) 3. About the schoolJakkur urdu government primary school is a 30 year old institution working underSarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Most funding is done by the government (school grant,teachers grant etc.). Rest is done by the school development committee run by aset of parents who can afford to fund the school. 4. Building RelationshipsClicking pictures was an ice breaker. 5. Name game was the introduction tool. 6. Bonding with kho-kho 7. We did some drawing together. 8. Participatory tools 9. Post its1. Knowing kids favourite spaces.2. Understanding Why?Aim:Description:Kids were given post-its and theywere asked to go and put themon their favourite places in theschool. 10. Result: Spaces marked-secure spaces, bigger room, scienceequipments, blackboard, mini library, wallused as backrest, models and drawings 11. Inference:Backrest Equipmentsand booksDrawings andmodelsSecure spaces*1 petal = 3 kids1. Kids prefer to sit where they get abackrest.2. They are very enthusiastic about artbut dont have the access.3. Older kids prefer more study material.4. They have their small spaces to keeptheir belongings secure 12. Time table1. Knowing kids favourite days.2. Understanding Why?(activities)Aim:Description:There was one page for each dayput up on the wall.Kids were asked to put anORANGE THUMBPRINT on theirfavourite day and a GREENTHUMBPRINT on the day theydont like so much. 13. Result:Favourite days - sunday & wednesdayNot so favourite day - sunday & thursdayReasons - teacher preference, subjectpreference, activity preference, saturdaybecause of half day and they get tospend reasonable time at home andschool both. 14. Inference:1. kids have a subject preference.they like the days with theirfavourite subjects.2. similarly, some kids prefer daysof P.T. class which is activitypreference.3. Also a few like the days withparticular teachers.654321SubjectActivity Teacher 15. InterviewsThere are so many teaching aids that we fall short of space.Kids get distracted by the noise of traffic outsideOur kids are very disciplined and honest, there is no chance of theft.We have only two rooms, therefore two classes run simultaneously in oneroom. Sometimes we are two teachers teaching at the same time, we have tocorrespond with each other as to when she is teaching, I will give notes andvice versa.Since Ramzan is going on there is no soap right now.Kids have their turns for cleaning the placeTeachersStudentsWe keep are bags in corners so that no one kicks themWe dont have soapsAkka can you teach us drawing?Social studies is boring 16. a, e, i, o,teachers studentsActivities Environment Interactions Objects Users 17. teachersActivitiesManaging multi-class throughmutual understanding.Preparing the teaching aids.Making kids prepare modelsMaintaing bills for schoolrequirementsEnvironmentTiring due to multi-class.Formal but approachable.InteractionsTeacher- teacherTeacher- studentTeacher- headmistressTeacher- outsidersObjectsFurniture (teachers table)Teaching aids (flash cards etc)Poem albumCane stickSpecific files 18. studentsActivitiesSUPWP.T. classCalling prayersReciting poetryDrawingPreparing modelsWriting answers on theboardsEnvironmentDisciplinedMobileFriendlyUncomfortable due tolack furnitureInteractionsStudent- teachersStudent- headmistressStudent- outsidersStudent- toddlersStudent- community people(adjacent mosque)ObjectsFurniture (low benches and other)Teaching aids (flash cards etc.)Poem album (write and submit)Mini libraryBiological specimensModels and drawings 19. Fly on the wallNeeds analysis 20. MULTI-CLASS-Voice clashes-DistractionDesign requirementsPartitions that are-sound proofmovablefoldableadaptable 21. Bend and studyfor long hoursBenches butno tablesLow sitting,equivalent tositting on flooronly you haveto bend furtherto reach thegroundDesign requirementsBenches that have-Place for belongingsEconomical/out of wasteBack restTable 22. Disorganised storage space-more space being used.-students work is illtreated,leading to demotivation.Design requirementsShelves that are-Economical/out of wasteDetachableCan be easily made(maybe as aworkshop)Ever-developing 23. Disorganised shoes-space wastage-visually not very nice-increasing chances of trippingDesign requirementsShoe rack that is-Economical/out of wasteDetachable(optional)space saving 24. No provision for soap-unhygienicDesign requirementsSystem that ensures regularsupply of soap to the school.Soap out of cheap unattractivematerials 25. Thank youEkta paraswaniChhavi jatwani