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  • 1. DISTRICT ROTARACT COUNCIL 11 - 12ROTARY INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT 3230For Internal Circulation Only eKTATHE ROTARY FOUNDATION MONTH - November Celebrating Differences Volume I | Issue 5Date:30th Nov 2011District Secretariat No. 32, Sabari Street, Sri Balaji Nagar,I n 1917, RI President Arch C. Klumph proposed that an endowment be set up for the purposeAlwar Thiru Nagar of doing good in the world. In 1928, when the endowment fund had grown to more than Chennai, Tamil NaduUS$5,000, it was renamed The Rotary Foundation, and it became a distinct entity withinINDIA 600 087 Rotary International. Five Trustees, including Klumph, were appointed to hold, invest,manage, and administer all of its property . . . as a single trust, for the furtherance of thepurposes of RI. Two years later, the Foundation made its first grant of $500 to theInternational Society for Crippled Children. The organization, created by Rotarian Edgar F. Send Reports& Feedbacks toDaddy Allen, later grew into the Easter [email protected] Great Depression and World War II both impeded the Foundations growth, but the needfor lasting world peace generated great postwar interest in its development. After Rotarysfounder, Paul P. Harris, died in 1947, contributions began pouring into Rotary International,and the Paul Harris Memorial Fund was created to build the Foundation. That year, the firstFoundation program the forerunner of Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships wasestablished. In 1965-66, three new programs were launched: Group Study Exchange , Awardsfor Technical Training, and Grants for Activities in Keeping with the Objective of The Rotary Rtr. PP. Manikandan K.Foundation, which was later called Matching Grants . DRRRtr. PP. Sasi Kumar R.The Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants program was launched in 1978, and RotaryDRS Volunteers was created as a part of that program in 1980. PolioPlus was announced in 1984-85, and the next year brought Rotary Grants for University Teachers . The first peace forumsRtr. Pres. Aditya Mohan were held in 1987-88, leading to the Foundations peace and conflict studies programs .Chairman - NewslettersThroughout this time, support of the Foundation grew tremendously. Since the first donationof $26.50 in 1917, it has received contributions totaling more than $1 billion. More than $70million was donated in 2003-04 alone. To date, more than one million individuals have beenrecognized as Paul Harris Fellows people who have given $1,000 to the Annual ProgramsFund or have had that amount contributed in their name.Such strong support, along with Rotarian involvement worldwide, ensures a secure future forThe Rotary Foundation as it continues its vital work for international understanding and worldpeace.

2. End Polio Now and Polio Plus - Major Beneficiaries of The Rotary FoundationSince 1988, Rotary International and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) theWorld Health Organization, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention haveworked to wipe polio from the face of the earth. A volunteer service organization of 1.2 million men andwomen, Rotary began immunizing children against polio in 1985 and became a spearheading partner inthe GPEI three years later.Rotarys main responsibilities are fundraising, advocacy, and volunteer recruitment. To date, Rotary hascontributed more than US$900 million to the polio eradication effort.With over 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas, Rotary is able to reach out tonational governments worldwide to generate crucial financial and technical support for polio eradication.Since 1995, the advocacy efforts of Rotary and its partners have helped raise more than $8 billion fromdonor governments.Rotary clubs also provide sweat equity on the ground in polio-affected communities, which helpsensure that leaders at all levels remain focused on the eradication goal. Rotary club members havevolunteered their time and personal resources to reach more than two billion children in 122 countrieswith the oral polio vaccine.Thanks to Rotary and its partners, the world has seen polio cases plummet by more than 99 percent,preventing five million instances of child paralysis and 250,000 deaths. When Rotary began its eradicationwork, polio infected more than 350,000 children annually. In 2009, fewer than 1,700 cases were reportedworldwide.But the polio cases represented by that final 1 percent are the most difficult and expensive to prevent.Challenges include geographic isolation, worker fatigue, armed conflict, and cultural barriers.Thats why its so important to generate the funding needed to End Polio Now. To fail is to invite a polioresurgence that would condemn millions of children to lifelong paralysis in the years ahead.The bottom line is this: As long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, all children wherever they live remain at risk. 3. 1. Who was President of the first Rotary10. Which of the following is NOT one of RClub ever formed? the Four Avenues of Service ?* Paul Harris * Hunger Relief O* Silvester Schiele * International T* Arch Klumpf * Club A2. In which year were women officiallyallowed to become members of Rotary ? 11. Rotary International is committed to R* 1993* 1991ending polio. In what year was the westernhemisphere declared polio free? Y* 1989* 1989* 19943. What is the primary motto of Rotary ?* 1997* He Profits Most Who Serves Best* Service Above Self12. Room 711 of the Unity Building in* Is it the truth ? Chicago was the site of Rotarys first Fmeeting. At that time, it was the office of4. Where was the first Rotary International which founding member? AConvention held outside North America ? * Gustavus Loehr* Perth, Australia* Paul Hewson S* Edinburgh, Scotland * Paul Harris T* London, England13. The United Nations (UN) was Chartered5. Where was the first Rotary Clubin San Fransisco in 1945. How manyestablished in a non-English speaking Rotarians were present?country ? *7* Havana* 15 Q* Tokyo * 49* Sao Paolo U14. ) As of June 30, 1999, how many Rotary6. How often is a new Rotary Club Clubs are there worldwide? Ichartered in the world today ?* 23,565* Every 14 hours* 29,728 Z* Every 24 hours* 32,412* Every 36 hours15. As of June 30, 1999, how many Round One7. How much of Rotarys Community countries have Rotary Districts and Clubs?Service Funds are disbursed to worthwhile * 142causes ?* 159(Each issue of eKTA * Every single dollar * 161 will now feature a * As much as we can afford simple quiz on * Whatever the President decides16. Identify the person in the photographRotary Facts. Answers to be8. In what year did Paul B. Harris launch the revealed in thefirst Rotary Club?next issue. Mail* 1904your answers by * 190520th December * 1906 2011 torotaract3230eb9. How did the Club get its [email protected] for* They rotated meeting places each week exciting prizes) * They rotated Presidents each month* They met in a place that manufacturedwheels 4. Issue Focus- www.theblooddonors.orgAbout www.thebloodonors.orgBlood is that one crucial element which can easily determine the distance between life and death formany. A gift of blood is actually a gift of life to the person receiving it. We the Rotaractors of RotaryInternational District 3230 are committed to the advancement of this august cause which affects thelife of many. Rotaract being the student and youth wing of Rotary International imbibes the valuesand good practices of our parent organisation and strive to improve society in every way possible.There is a constant complaint from both patients and the medical fraternity that there is a shortageof blood, due to which many critical operations and procedures are not being able to be carried aims at bridging this divide between those who are in need and those who arewilling to donate blood.The Managing Trustees of are dedicated Rotaractors of Rotary InternationalDistrict 3230 at various levels of experience since this website is designed to continue and grow inyears to come and perennially affect the lives of many through blood donation. The constantendeavor of the Managing Trustees is that this website is constantly updated and interactive. Wehope that this website emerges as a change agent in the utmost noble cause of blood donation.The Managing Trustees of are:Rtr. IPDRR. Suresh Manoharan, FounderRtr. Palanivel S., ChairmanRtr. Senthil Kumar S., SecretaryMembersRtr. DRR. Manikandan K.Rtr. DRRE. Afser Ali B.Rtr. PP. Ramkumar Raju A.Rtr. PP. Vinoth NagarajanRtr. PP. Ganesh V.Rtr. Pres. Aditya MohanPlease visit the website and benefit from the list of willing blood donors. You can also find us onFacebook @